another beach beautiful day- ahhhh  

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7/17/2006 6:17 am

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7/19/2006 7:44 am

another beach beautiful day- ahhhh

Was yesterday hot or WHAT? It was another beautiful day in the sun, with a mild wind and a great temperature to the water.
I rafted down the river past all those folks on the beach and then got my work out crawling back up river. I did this several times. today, after a long work out this am. and yesterdays bikeride and swim fest, i'm one tired rittle hellion.

I'm back to work today kind of sore, kind of sun burned and kind of having one of those fantasies about a very handsome tall dark, swarthy guy, a massage table and some aloe. You can hear the porn riffs, can't ya? Wa Wow. Chica bow...
Mam, where should i put the oil...?? Wa wow.chica.... over there... by the trophy case of dildos I collect, wa wow... chica bow.
Cheesy but entertaining. Speaking of porn...
Can you tell the difference between male oriented porn and female customer oriented??? I sure can. Especially in Asian cultures, many films celebrate the female genital stimulation as a major theme, vs.the cock suck for 20 , screwing and then fabulous finish.
It's a nice thing to watch. Just like stories, if they are written with a guy point of view, you typically read that they got down and licked that button like three times and she burst into screaming orgasm and begged to suck his dick.
(ha) Most guys just want to write less, but yet they can describe in detail the dick action.
So I propose a feminine line of porn movie, called, she gets hers, again... and again.
and again. I'm changing a D. Chappelle bit here but he said, girl mag's have 100 ways to please your man. he says- no man, it's 4.
4 ways- suck my dick, make me a sandwich, and shut up twice.
My version for gals? 4 ways...1. Massage, 2.clean the kitchen, 3 try listening the first time, because not every answer to every question is What? oh and 4- spend twice as much time as you normally do, learning the female anatomy from the female you are anatomizing.

Okay this turned back into a pussy eating thread.
Funny, I didnt' expect to have recurring themes.
But, as themes go, it's a goodun.

This has been a pubic service announcement from the league of women voyeurs.


rm_4playfella 42M

7/17/2006 3:35 pm

I concur. you might be interested in checking out a new magazine that a couple of Eastside Gurrrlz just put out. I believe that it is based in just what you are talking about. Erotica for and by women. Not your typical "slam, bam, worship my cock thank you ma'am". It is called "Blam! Blam!" I read about it in the Shepard Express a couple of weeks ago and then they had there premier release party at bar by my place shortly after the article came out. I don't know much else or even what form the erotica takes but I would imagine that Smart and sensual erotica from a women's point would be...EROTIC!
Let us know what you think.

irishtongue71 51M

7/18/2006 12:09 pm

Interesting because I'd definitely be a student of asian cultured porn

And the reason why? Because I most enjoy giving rather than receiving. I can hear the gasps already. I've said it publicly in the forum before maybe you missed it 'cat but there is something about being liplocked and paying attention to a woman's needs there that mean more to me that having my cock sucked. Can do without. It's more of a turn on for me that way watching the woman writhe in passion anyway. Bonus if I get a little squirt

It is the one true thing about sex I really came to look forward to. Perhaps because my ex told me I was the only one to ever make her REALLY cum. Yeah right. Bet she said that to everyone. But I guess in some way I did take part of it seriously and it did drive me to want to please her all the more. Yeah...we were good....but I don't miss her


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