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lissi888888 52F
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7/6/2006 4:48 pm

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8/5/2006 8:16 am

Blog me baby

Well I've been thinking about this blog thing and I'm liking it. I think I'll keep it up. It's a good way to get out what ails ya...or even *gasp* those things that make ya happy.

Been thinking about it since my first blog post. I guess I'll just keep on with 'em. I'm not a writer but I like to write. Think that's the only qualification you need...right? LOL That's rhetorical by the way. No need to respond...I know I'm right

So...this is the first of many...and the whole have fun!!! (I really enjoyed it...can ya tell?) The last one made me feel better in the telling and cleansed my soul. Do I care what others think about my ramblings...NOPE. They are just me...and if they don't like 'em...they don't have to read 'em.

So I'll be looking for ideas in my daily life and just blogging away LOL.



SirMounts 102M

7/9/2006 11:37 pm

Yes, as I'm fond of saying... if we're not having fun on here, exactly what's the point?
A warm welcome to blogging, lis. *smiling*

shybutneedinit 47F

7/10/2006 4:47 am

hehe Lis, blog away! It is a great way to cleanse your soul and your mind. I write a daily journal, and been thinking about blogging as well. So you just never know who else might join ya in the art of blogging

lissi888888 52F
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7/10/2006 9:31 pm two are so sweet. thanks muchly SirMounts . Shybutneedinit...darlin...join me...the water's fine

SirMounts 102M

7/14/2006 1:23 pm

Why, you're very welcome, lissi. *smiling warmly*

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