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7/4/2005 7:51 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

new story

Walking over to my bag, I put my hand in, gazing at you from behind my eyelashes. "You know when you said you would like to watch me touch myself?" You nodded slowly, your eyes never leaving mine. "Well, when I do that I normally use this." I with drew a long hard vibrator from my bag. I saw your eyes widen with interest.
"When you want to, you can join me or just watch, your choice." You watch me climb onto the bed, relaxing back against the pillows. I ran the vibrator over my belly, along my breast, then down again. While keeping eye contact. I slid the vibrator lower along the crevice of my hip, teasing myself while I watched you swipe your tongue all over your lip in a hungry gesture.
"I wondered what your lips would feel against mine, how your hands would travel over my body, how hard your body would feel pressed against mine, especially right here....." as I laid the vibrator against my glistening folds of my labia and moaned, unable to speak as I pressed and stroked my pressure points. Your entire body went rigid as you watched me slide and mainpulate the tool, my breathing becoming more rapid. I was close to cumming, but haven't let myself go yet in case you wanted to join me. You was in bed beside me before I could take my next breath. We kissed in a desperate need, sucking the breath from me as your hand traveled down, closing over my vibrator and taking it from my fingers. You rub the shaft against my swollen wet flesh.
The vibrator was warm and slippery, as you held it against me, prodding me into a orgasm that had me writhing and moaning in bed. Before I could catch my breath, you moved to set back against the headboard, "come here baby, sit on my lap." My eyes hazy with pleasure, I lifted my self up and straddled your lap, facing you. You lifted me up and settled me over you until you was inside of me completely. Your jaw clenched, fighting for control. I wriggled against you, getting you closer, deeper, and slipped my legs around the back of your hips, driving you crazy.
You held on to the vibrator, laying it lengthwise at the base of my spine, rolling it over my muscles and massaging my back. Before you bring it between us, sliding it down to where we are joined. "Let me" I whispered. You handed over the vibrator, sliding your hand around to grasp my butt. Your head fell back, as I carefully nudge the vibrator along where you were buried inside of me. When it slightly touched your sac, the pressure was so intense that you cried out and bucked up under me, driving yourself deeper. I became even bolder, I slide it along your thighs and buttocks, down the crease of your hip and lower, seeking out every sensitive spot I could find.
Your face was contorted with pleasure and I felt so powerful like never before. I have never been this turn on. You are so deep inside of me, I couldn't move without feeling the vibration of the vibrator between us. You moaned my name urgently, I could feel you get hard, ready to explode. I left the vibrator somehow caught inbetween us and I framed your face with my hands, taking your mouth in a wanton deep wet kiss. As waves of orgasm overtook us, we kept on rocking against each other even as the spasm passed. Locked together, our heads resting on each other's shoulders, we stayed that way until our breathing quited and our hearts returned to normal.

rm_thedon41 39M
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7/14/2005 1:54 pm

I will be honest, I am getting married very soon and have a couple of free nights ahead of me. I am trying to throw myself my own bachelor's party through AdultFriendFinder.

If any ladies are interested in showing me one last wild night, then please contact me.

I am urgently looking for some wild fun. I hope at least one woman responds so we can get together. I am interested in getting together either late tonight (7/14) or Saturday (7/16). Any women in the twin cities who are interested, please contact me through AdultFriendFinder and I will get back to you.

I hope to hear from some women soon.


almostfamous28 37M
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7/15/2005 7:20 am

I am in Southwest Missouri, and am looking for some sexy companionship this weekend. Please let me know if we can get together. Thanks.

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