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6/7/2005 4:51 pm

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a story

I'm laying down on the bed, as you walk into the room. You stop by the bed, and look down at me. I have my eyes closed, acting like I'm asleep, waiting to see what you will do next. You sit down on the bed, and lift a finger up and run it down my check. I open my eyes and say "Hi" and smiled. You smiled back and said "hi". I raise up on a elbow, and grab you by the neck and pull your head down to me. I whispered "welcome home", before kissing you. YOu feel your self falling into my kiss, as I kiss you so hungry and wild, that you are so hard before you even touched my body. Shifting but not letting go of my lips, you lay down beside me, both of us naked. My other hand moves to your back, to hold you steady as my body arches up.
You find of my hard nipples, and squeeze it gently between your thumb and finger. I gasp, breaking our kiss. You move down and take my nipple into your mouth, as you taste me, you swirl your tongue around my nipple until I arch my body again. As you suck my nipple sharply, your free hand moves down my body, across my stomach, until you reach my pussy. I arch this time but with my pelvis. I say "Please", but you said "don't be so greedy we have time", I said "but I'm so greedy, and I want it all right now."
You feel my hand along the side of yours, both of us reaching down between my thighs. You put your hand over mine, lining up our index fingers. You look into my eyes, and whispered, "show me." My finger moves under yours, up and down, my stroke slow and measured. You lips find my nipple again. My legs open wider, as my fingers move more quickly, you feel my heart rate increase and my pulse quicken, but in a unusual way. The tempation grew too much for you, you let go of my nipple, and look down at me, watching my fingers move in and out of my pussy. You look up at me to see my reaction. My eyes are closed, my lids fluttering as if I'm having a wonderful dream, as I move my head against the pillow.
You slide down the bed, watching me to see if I noticed that you have moved. As you move you plant little kisses along the way, until you have reached my pussy. You move my hand away, and replaced them with yours, moving in the way I just showed you how to please me. The long strokes, up and down, tasting my sweetness and heat.
My legs bucked under you, you had to hold down my hips tightly so I don't toss you off the bed. I moan louder and thrashed my head against the pillow, as my fingers tangled in your hair. I knew I wouldn't last long, and tried to tell you that, but I couldn't stop moaning. A spasm from inside of me hit me so hard, with my head thrown back, I start to reach the edge. But you stop before I could, and sit up, so that you are in between my legs. You lift my hips up in your hands, and shoved a pillow under my ass. Then you took my ankles in your hands and lifted my legs until they rested on your shoulders. I open my eyes, to find you staring down at me. I look into your eyes, seeing how aroused you are and the naked hunger you have for me. I move my gaze down, seeing your hand around your hard cock. Watching you move closer to me. You touch the head of your cock to my pussy, moving it up and down, in the same slow strokes as my finger did before. I lift my hips up trying to impale myself on you, but you are in control, and hold my hips down. But you don't keep me waiting long, you pushed in slowly, a little at a time. Your hands holding me steady, as you thrust inside of me in one long stroke.
I cried out, grabbing the sheet under me, and moving my hips up against you. The way you are taking and holding me, I have never been taken like this before, but it feels so good. Your thrust grew faster and harder,my moans and cries louder. As we almost reach climaxed again, you suddenly stop. Holding yourself deeply inside of me. I look up at you, holding your gaze steady. As you bring my legs down and wrap them around your hips, never letting go of my gaze. You rock your hips forward, until you are on top of me, my face even with yours.
"Now", you whispered, as you pull out all the way, then thrust inside again hard and deep. I scream as spasm after spasm, rocked my body. Your face contorted in a mask of pleasure and release.
As I feel your body relax and my spasms slowed down, you lean down and kiss me tenderly on the lips. Before you lay your head down on my chest. Both of us feeling relaxed and comfortable.

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6/25/2005 1:42 pm

But the next time I came to you I saw that you were laying naked and face down. I gently put my hand on your ankles and softly ran my hand up your legs to your beautiful butt. Then I climbed on top of you to massage your back. You felt the hardness of my cock resting between your asscheaks. Soon, I replaced my hands with my lips and tongue, giving you the most sensual massage of your life. After I was done kissing and licking every inch of your back side, I rolled you over and starting just below your left ear, I began kissing and licking my way to your wet and throbbing pussy. I used tender and gently tongue licks until you were begging to cum. Then I thrust two fingers into your sopping wet pussy while I pressed my tongue and lips down onto your pulsating clit. I felt your pulsating pussy grab my fingers over and over again as you cried out your pleasure. To hear the rest of the story, or for other adventures, go to philanderson at mail, and I will write back.

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