Tantric sex in Indy  

liqiudz 41M
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2/12/2005 9:57 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Tantric sex in Indy

About a year ago, I met this awesome, very open minded girl who introduced me to Tantric sex. I have been practicing and feel like I am getting pretty good. I was with a friend a few nights ago and gave her an orgasm without ever having intercourse. Tantric teaches you to use breathing and touch to stimulate the "core". I would love to introduce this to as many people as possible because it is such a break from the fast paced world in which we all live. Tantric is a very slow ( sometimes painfully slow) way to really enjoy the act of sex. With my "friend" a fewe nights ago, I caressed her for well over an hour and endured her begging me to have sex with her immediately ( the painful part LO. It is so awesome because the female is so incredibly turned on that after she has an orgasm she still wants nothing more than to have really good intercourse. I thought I would just put this out there for you all and at least intorduce some of you to the idea of slow, very intentional sex...it will change the way you look at love making. Be well.

sydneygirlspleas 36M
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2/13/2005 5:32 am

Hey dude, i agree with you on all the Tantric love-making - awesome stuff!
Try not to give it away so much, keep it a secret for the few who know & good luck with all future partners!

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