What da Fuck!  

liptrip4u 47F
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6/5/2006 5:26 pm
What da Fuck!

I saw you watching me, I was watching you watch me to be more specific. You didn't speak you only watched me, I don't speak I was only annoyed you where so persistent in your gaze. I sit in my seat sipping that fancy coffee by the window. You know the one they sell at star-bucks. I cant see and didn't have my contacts in so I slipped my specs over my nose to read the paper but every time I looked up your eyes locked mine. I'm uncomfortable thinking what da fuck you looking at. I'm mining my own business waiting for my friends to arrive and when they do you turn your back as if you are now disturbed. Now who's smiling! After a few minutes of girl laughter and chatter you leave. But on your way out the door I say have a great day. And toss you a wink only to see you turn red with a blush. Silly men...!

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