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8/29/2006 5:47 pm

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random thoughts

I have come to realize I wasted the summer on CL with flakey girls and horny men trying to convince me to give them a shot (although I'll admit some of those cock pictures were tempting... but that's not what I'm shopping for).

I also experienced some hating from lesbians for being bicurious. I don't get what that's about, maybe us bi girls cause a pussy shortage for them? I think as long as women are honest with each other, there should be no problems... afterall the saying goes there is somebody for everybody.

I also don't get the girls who have boyfriends but somehow resent you for having one too... isn't the tag of bi mean you enjoy both sexes? So why is it such a hard thing to understand especially if you are a bi girl with a man, the we all need and appreciate good fucking done by a man and his delicious cock? Don't understand that one at all. I don't mean to imply that all bi women have two people at once but being bi is being attracted to both sexes so no matter how you do it, there is always the possibility of someone else turning that same lover on but being of a different gender.

Flakey wedding girl e-mailed me some new pics of herself today. She got her cousin to take them using a camera phone. It made me laugh because it was just a bit random but I guess it's her way of saying she's still interested. She didn't mention anything about Saturday and neither did I, as far as that goes, the offer is off the table.

I'll admit, I kind of like what I saw but then again I liked her first pic but honestly all the things that make her suspicious in terms of her intensions are the reasons I am just keeping her in the friend space. If she's this complicated now, I can't imagine later... ugh, don't want to imagine later!

I don't know what the first time meeting is like... and I guess it depends on the women involved but for me I would like to relax and have a casual kind of date. I don't expect anything sexual to go down the first time (no pun intended).

I guess all it takes is a little patience... at this point I am willing to dip my toes into the scene and go to somewhere where bisexual women meet just so the attraction factor is already there. I think the only draw back to the internet thing is perhaps getting to know each other too well for there to be a sexual relationship OR not having in person chemistry.

I guess I just have to be willing to be out there to find out for sure.

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