Just another manic monday...  

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8/28/2006 5:41 pm

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Just another manic monday...

What a wet day and I don't mean that in a pleasurable way. I ended up getting soaked all before missing my train and ending up late to work.

I have been getting to know this woman that I met on another site. At first she seemed really cool and our phone conversations went well. Then she just kind of disappeared. We reconnected earlier last week and then I asked her if she wanted to meet up on Saturday. I just reached a point with her that I just want to see if we vibe in person or not.

I have decided that Saturday night is going to be all mine even if I have no place to go.

Ideally I would love to go sit somewhere with some good company and have vodka tonics or maybe smoke and watch a bunch of movies or sex and the city on dvd.

Well she was willing to meet up but here's the catch, she was going to be going to a wedding near where I lived and she wanted me to go as her friend because it's an informal kind of thing. I couldn't do it because (1) it's our first time meeting, I want that to be private so we can chat face to face without worrying about who is listening to what we are saying and (2) what if we don't click, I don't want to be stuck amongst her family watching the clock. So after I explained to her that I wouldn't be comfortable, we agreed to meeting afterwards... but then later on she got flakey and was like I can't leave the wedding so I will sneak out to see you but I have to go back.


I don't get many Saturday nights to hang out... so I want to have fun... is it wrong for me to think that this woman is playing some kind of game? She agrees to meet but then all of a sudden she just wants to sneak in and out of a wedding? Weddings aren't a 24 hour thing (okay in some cultures but not in this case...)

She got all defensive and accused me of fronting on her because I didn't want to be squeezed in. I think that a first meeting should have a relaxed feel to it so we can connect. There is no time minimum needed but something strikes me as off.

Well scratch her off the list, thank goodness I have met a couple of cool ladies and am getting to know them.

Back to Monday night tv... and checking the inbox.

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