Story number 4  

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8/23/2006 9:28 am
Story number 4

Just off of the airplane, I thread my way through the terminal. The whole flight I’ve been anticipating the moment about to come. Anticipating the moment when I lay eyes on you again.

You’re the first thing I see when I leave the baggage claim. Radiant, that is the only word I can think of to describe you. It’s more then your stately, classical beauty. It’s your presence that I can feel, permeating the room. You are dressed in a dark skirt, the hem falling just above your knees. Your dress is complimented by a maroon pull over blouse. And, as if you knew they would drive me mad with desire, on your shapely calves you are wearing black knee high boots.

The second you see me, you stare right into my eyes. It’s as if you are peering at the perverse images in my head. This feeling is reinforced when I notice the devilish twist of your red lips.

My bags hit the floor with a thud as I move towards you. We catch each other in a crushing embrace. Holding onto one another I can feel my craving for you intensifying. You feel my burgeoning desire growing, as it pushes against you. You press yourself against me, and I can feel your heat. Kissing a path from my lips to my ear, you inhale deeply, smelling my cologne, and seductively blowing into my ear. When I begin to shiver from your ministrations, you whisper in my ear in a low, throaty voice, “I thought that would get a rise out of you.” My hands, slowly, gently, trace a line down your back, until I am tightly holding your firm ass. “It looks like you’ve forgotten to wear panties today.” I whisper into your ear. I can feel your nipples harden beneath your blouse, brushing against my chest, as a shiver courses down your back.

Unexpectedly, you grab my hand, and you lead us towards a broom closet. Once inside, our lips, trembling, melt together. As desire begins to take control our mouths collide, crushing, bruising our lips in our haste to share our passion. Our tongues twist around one another’s greedily, violently, as if we are fighting a battle of dominance with our mouths.

Your hands reach frantically for my belt, and we begin to tare each others clothes off. My pants are pulled from my body. I rip one, then two buttons of your blouse off, and within seconds your perky breasts are freed from the prison of your shirt. You grab me head by my hair and press my face to your firm breasts, your stiff nipples, without being told, I lick and bite them.

We are lost in a fog of urgent physical need. My hands caressing the moist folds of your pussy. You rub your mound against the palm of my hand, as you circle, and stroke my throbbing cock. Playing with the slick moisture that has started to collect on its head. You let out a gasp of bliss as my fingers dance across your clit, sending waves of pleasure through you. Eagerly, you grasp my cock, and guide it into your moist, hot pussy. I grab onto your ass, and spread your cheeks apart, as I lift you up. Your feet leave the floor, and you hook your heels around my body. Jamming yourself repeatedly on my cock. Wildly we grind our bodies together. Trying to expend months of pent up sexual frustration.

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