Story number 3  

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8/23/2006 9:10 am
Story number 3

We can only blame what happened on the excessive amount of alcohol we were drinking. Maybe it was the wine, or, more likely, what happened was caused by the shots of tequila we drank.

Looking over at you, and staring into your eyes, I was surprised by the playful look you had in your eyes. I defiantly don’t expect the sudden impact of your hand on the side of my face. The blood rushes to my cheek, and I can feel the imprint of your fingers, a pleasant burning sensation.

Suddenly you stand up, and quickly dance out of my reach. I jump across the few feet separating us, and just as quickly you move away again, dodge my wild attempt at grabbing you.

With a sudden lurch, I’m able to grasp the front of your shirt in my hand. My other hand, entwined in your long kinky hair, holds your head immobile. I hold you there, staring into your eyes.

"So, if you could fight anyone in the world, it would be me?" I whisper into your ear, a guttural primal vibration in my throat.

I never expected that your response to my question would be your hand hitting me on the other side of the face. You wince a little when my grip on your hair tightens. My mouth moves closer to your ear. "Go ahead, do it,” a shiver runs up your spine as my lips, and my breath tickle your ear.

Your retort is explosive. You twist your body from side to side, ignoring my grip on your hair, trying to jerk away, your hands slap, then wrap around my wrist. Your nails digging into my flesh. Leaving little crescent bruises. I released your shirt, and quickly bent you over, pushing your head down with the hand wrapped in your hair. You stifle a cry of pain. I hold your body against mine, pressing it firmly against mine, and begin to strike your ass, hard. My hand start to turn numb, as the blood is forced out of it by the intensity of my blows. As I stare at your ass, I can see the angry red impressions of my hand. You started screaming at me, screaming to be let go, tears streaming down your cheeks, and your struggles for escape intensify. Finally, desperately, you push against me, knocking me backwards onto the ground.

Landing on top of me, you twist around, pinning my arms underneath your knees, pressing down, with all of your weight trapping my arms into immobility. Violently, you bite down on my shoulder, eliciting painful moans from me. Repeatedly, biting, until finally I manage to thrust you off of me using my hips.

Both of us scramble to our feet, knowing that to be on the ground would be a disadvantage. My hand strikes the side of your face. Back and forth we hit each other, harder and harder. Our cheeks turning a violent shade of red. Laughing like children playing a strange game, we both know that if anyone were watching, they would think us insane. Suddenly, breaking the pattern, and catching me by surprise, your hand seizes the front of my shirt. Yanking down hard, I almost lose my balance. The sound of the tearing fabric is loud in the quiet room.

Pushing into you, We fall to the ground. You hear me murmur, “Fare’s fare.” You struggle with me, knowing what’s about to happen, slapping, and kicking. Ignoring the pain, I grab the neck of your shirt in both hands, and with the sound of popping buttons, rip your shirt open, exposing your beautifully breasts, breasts heaving with exertion.

With my face inches away from yours, you suddenly thrust your mouth onto mine, biting my lips, tugging at them with your teeth. I can feel your hands tugging at my belt, slipping it free from my pants. Slowly, you start to push the back of my pants down. Kissing me. Our tongues wrapping around one another’s. It wasn’t until too late that I notice you have my belt in one hand. Before I can twist away you start bringing the belt down on my ass, I can feel the stripes of pain, and I know that tomorrow there will be welts. I try to roll away, but your legs are wrapped around mine in a tight embrace, your ankles are hooked together. You’re trying your best to ensure that I will be unable to escape this punishment. I try to grasp your wrist. Flailing, as you jerk them out of my reach. Finally, you miscalculate, and I’m able to capture your hand, and rip the belt away from you. Before I get the chance to return the favor you have just bestowed on my ass, you bite down on my shoulder again. Harder then before, I can feel the blood start to trickle down my chest, red rivers flowing towards my waist.

I reach my hand down, underneath your skirt. Sliding my hands over your bare bottom, feeling the firm flesh, and knowing that it has turned a pleasant pink colour from your earlier spanking. Suddenly, you raise thrust your chest up, and try to twist away from me. Reaching out with my hand, reaching for any purchase to keep you down, I grab your skirt and tug you back down. You’re struggling intensifies, and your skirt slowly starts to slip off. With both hands, I tare the skirt the rest of the way off your hips. I press you against the ground, my thigh sliding between yours. My hands molded around your breasts, squeezing them. You cover my hands with yours, and press into them. Silently demanding that I squeeze your tits harder. Our eyes lock.

Flicking my fingers across your nipples, pinching them roughly, until I hear your sighs of approval. I bend my head down and began to nibble, and then bite your neck. You groan, a deep, sensual sound that makes me shudder. Your head drops back, exposing your long delicate neck. My fingers wrap around your throat. Again out lips meet in an electric embrace. I push my thigh up between your legs, grinding it against your pussy. You thrust your hips up, pushing your wet pussy against my leg, and your hands tight on my arms, your nails digging into my wrists. Reopening the cuts you had left there earlier.

Grabbing the hair on the back of my head, you slowly force my face down, lower and lower. Finally, you force your hips up into my face, thrusting your wet cunt into my lips. Slowly, I start to lick your inner thighs. Knowing that you are impatient, taking my time. I run my tongue over the outside of your wet pussy, before slowly parting your lips with my tongue. My hands grasping your ass, begin to spread your open. I can feel your hands pushing my head harder, your hips bucking to meet my mouth. Thinking to punish me, for taking my time, you force my head down lower, pushing my face between the cheeks of your ass. You grab my hair tighter, commanding me to lick your ass hole, and grabbing harder still when I don’t immediately obey you. “Things will be so much easier for you, if you just stopped fighting me,” you loudly moan.

Thrusting three fingers into your soaking wet cunt from behind. I start to stroke your g-spot. Your hands grab for your breasts. Your fingers pulling and twisting on your nipples.

I take my fingers out of your wet, velvety hole, and start to caress your clit. They are dripping wet with your juices. Grabbing my shoulders, you guide me, crushing my lips with yours; I can taste blood in my mouth. Whisper in my ear, sending shivers crawling sown my back, “Roll over, I want to fuck you.”

You grab my throbbing cock in your hand, and slowly, torturously, you guide it inside of your soaking wet pussy. I let out a moan, as I feel your heat envelope my cock. Your cunt grips me tightly. You began to fuck me in long, smooth strokes, grinding your hips down onto me. Your mouth is at my nipples, biting them. I can’t help grasping your hips in a tight embrace. Pushing you down, harder.

You moan and whimper, moving backwards, and forwards. trying to take me deeper into your body. The fingers of my right hand slid down to your throbbing clit, and I rub it hard and fast. Your body lifts off of me, and slams down, burying me to the core in your heat. Your hands reach for my chest, your nails dig into me. I quiver in pleasure and pain, as your nails scrape down my torso. Pure sensation. Unable to bear much more of the sweet agony. My cock throbbing, pulsing with need, and threatening to burst. “Don’t you do it, don’t cum until I’m ready,” you shout. Slamming down onto me again, My hands bruising your hips as I pull you down onto my cock. You plunge onto me twice more, deep and hard. You let out a cry and look into my eyes as your body convulses in climax, I exploded under you, my body shuddering, with your pussy clenching around me. The orgasm seemed endless. Hot and wet. Pure sensation.

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