Story number 1  

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8/22/2006 8:10 am
Story number 1

How can I write this without falling for you further? As it is, I see you in my dreams. Let this letter help to bridge the miles between us until we are together again and I can feel you melting into my arms.

Do you remember when we met? I noticed a spark between us instantly. I gravitated toward your welcoming smile and the your Irish eyes, but it took a while for me to really get to know the lady behind the cool, calm facade. It took a while for me to comprehend that beneath your flirtatious exterior lurked a mind as impishly salacious as my own.

The last time I saw you, I devoured you voraciously with my eyes as though you were a desert that I wanted to savor. It was as though I could see the meltingness deep inside you and I wanted to dip myself into you, to feel it and to taste it. The last time I saw you was the night before you left ‒ a night I squandered, thinking I would see you when you returned.

Now I yearn to see you again. There's a throbbing hardness between my thighs that comes on when I think about you, when I imagine what we can do with our tender lips and talented tongues.

I fantasies about you when I’m aroused. Imagining your taste, your smell, the feel of your skin. Fantasizing, eager for a time when we no longer have excuses not to be with each other.

Our lips collide, crashing into each other with the release of a longing the torturous months have left unfulfilled. By the time I realized that your lips have yielded and our tongues are exploring each other, it feels so good that I can’t bring myself to stop. As your soft lips and gently probing tongue continued their caresses, I began to lose track of where I ended and you began. We began melting into each other.

I pick you up in my arms, unable to pull my lips apart from yours. Carrying you into the bedroom, my mind is ablaze with a passion I have not felt in an eternity. I try to lay you down on the bed, but we cling to each other. Untangling my self from your arms, I begin to slowly undress. I grab your trembling hands and use them to pull my shirt of, letting you caress my body. Your fingers slip into my pants, feeling the hardness that our desire has aroused. Slowly, my pants are removed, and you can’t stop biting my stomach, and hips, as we slowly sway to music that only you and I can hear.

Unable to wait any longer, yet wanting to prolong the bitter sweet yearning. I lay you back onto the bed, and begin to remove you clothing, kissising and sucking every part of you as it is exposed to my caressing lips. You deliberately wiggle your toes, and I gently lift your foot by the heel and lick your arch. Sucking each of your toes individually and then all of them together a shiver is sent up your legs and straight to your wet pussy. You moan in delight as I bite your ankles and squeeze your feet. The wicked smile on your face is like a window into your mischievous mind.

For an eternity I kiss and lick, suck and then lick some more until I have worked my way up to the top of your smooth thighs. I stand up and gaze down at you lying on the bed with only your tiny black panties on. The look in your eyes is that of lust and your body is trembling with pent up passion.

My hands, as if possessed, spread your creamy thighs. My body rests between your legs. Unable to wait any longer, you entwine your fingers in my hair, and force me head down. I resist, playing with you, toying with you. I want you to compel me to taste your pulsing pussy. Slowly, I allow you to force my head down, until I can savor the smell of your wet sex. I know that I will succumb to my desire. My tongue reaches out to taste you through your silky black panties. I pull your panties aside with my teeth, and begin to caress you with my lips, and tongue. No longer able to contain myself, I rip your panties off your hips, unable to restrain myself any longer, and once again I thrust my head between your long legs. I tease you, exploring your every fold with my mouth, savoring the taste of your honey. I can’t help entering you with my fingers, feeling your slippery pussy, thrusting my fingers inside you, as I lick and suck on your beautiful pussy. I can feel your body begin to tremble with your impending orgasm. The waves of pleasure rolling through you. You clamp your silky thighs around my head, suffocating me with your uncontrollable pleasure. When I can remove myself from the heavenly embrace of your legs, we kiss, sharing your taste, as our lips caress each others.

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