Ruminations of a frustrated crossdresser  

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10/29/2005 5:48 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ruminations of a frustrated crossdresser

You know, I started this thing, (still not exactly sure what a "blog" is, but giving it a try), and have changed the content 3 times, in an effort to sound more positive.

So to that end, I am just going to start adding info etc. that is more uplifting (no pun intended), rather than dwell on the negative. But I have to get a few things off my chest first, if you don't mind.

In the past, I have met several very nice, very attractive and interesting members here, whom I have had a great deal of fun with. But for the most part, the recent crop of members seem to be more interested in cybering than meeting. They want to engage in endless chat, photo swap {what swap, they ask for mine, and don't send any in return]. Hard to understand. Oh well.....

Tonight is a perfect example. Messaged an attractive, what appeared to be a nice guy yesterday. Invited him over today for some hot fun. Gave him my phone number, and said to call me when he was on his way, and I would give him directions, etc.

3 hours past our "date", I sit, contemplating, dressed to the nines--heels, hose, diamonds and a cute little silk see through shirt/dress that is to die for.... he hasn't showed, hasn't called, not online, etc.

Anyone willing to "fill" in?

Oh well, its not the first time. Unfortunately, for the past 3 weekends, I have made dates with those that I expected to show, and have a good time with, only to be left to my own devices....

Only one of those even bothered to contact me, seeing me on YM later in the evening, and gave me an excuse akin to " the dog at my homework, Mr. Smith!" . He's now an ex-"friend".

Either you do or you don't wanna >>!

AHHH!! Feel much better now!

So, in the meantime, who is ready to meet with this attractive, passable, sane, intelligent, fun-loving, easy-going, sexy t girl for some hot fun? Message lipservice617, and lets get going! Tempus fugit....

Looking forward to hearing from those truly interested in meeting.

Keeping the faith,

rm_LynnAzTgirl 58T

10/29/2005 9:59 pm

Girlfriend...can I relate to your story?

I seem to be on the same "lucky streak" it seems...and while I consider myself a translesbian there are just times when I am in need and men are the last resort. Except everytime I give in to my carnal desires, the same story seems to unfold.

First is the guy who after phone calls and emails for a week left me waiting for three hours until he finally called with some lame excuse that he couldn't find my phone number and when he finally did, his cell phone battery was dead so he had to head home...yeah right!!

Then there was the guy who showed up and was all Mr. Macho until he went limp...and admitted it was his first time with at tgirl and was "a little freaked out" so he ran home to his wife....

Or the guy who after endless emails about what a stud he was finally decides to stop over and...YUK...even after telling him 2 dozen times that hairy and uncut just totally turn me off and he assures me that he is "smooth as sill", he shows up and guess what? Ah, never get the picture.

Well, at least his idea of "generous" was a bouquet of three day old flowers from Frye'

And then there was the rookie cd who convinced me that she was more experienced than I even at her young age (35). So she stops over to visit and I am dressed as one would expect a woman of means and intellect; class and sophistication to be dressed on a beautiful fall evening (very short skirt and a new blouse I got at Neimans on sale last weekend, some simple heels, a subtle pink nail polish and evening, low light makeup!!).

Well, after we talked about how her Walmart lingerie may turn on a certain breed of man but that as she discovered if she was in fact the woman she saw in her minds eye she might decide that there is more to life and sex and living as a T-woman than she had experienced to day, I think that she felt sort of out of place in our conversation. I tried to be sweet and just was just trying to help her but before I knew what happened she was gone in a NY minute.


Is there intelligent life on Planet Tgirl-Arizona anywhere?


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