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6/8/2006 10:50 am

So my wife has decided to share unto others her dirty little secrets, eh? Alas, I suppose I must come into the light. Salutations to one and all. It is I, Jae, the other, and probably less outspoken, half.

Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real?

Metaphors, philosophy, and everything in between. While arouses the physical side, I much rather prefer the mental side. My methods are madness, as I tend to believe that a little chaos spices up life. As far as this site goes, I'd say I'm still working my way out of my shell, although every naughty email and dirty thought helps, so keep them coming

We've made several friends, and love taking the time to get to know them. Of course, making new friends is fun, but making new hookups is fun as well. All in all, we're a happy duo looking to chat, laugh, learn from those who are experienced, and just be.

I'm very glad she got drunk enough to tell me what was on her mind [about starting this], cause it's been very rewarding. And I can't wait for what the future brings. Well, we did some funky walking, and now, the part you all have been waiting for... some dirty talking.

Baby... I wanna go dow to your post office and lick me some stamps.

Baby... I wanna get inside your church and start speaking in tongues.

Baby... I wanna climb up on your turntable and get stuck in your groove!

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