the break up  

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12/12/2005 7:33 pm

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the break up

The break up is done and over, my heart is breaking, but no tears come down. I smile on the outside, I even laugh and act like i dont have a care in the world, I show a lying face but while inside of me my heart breaks piece by piece. I still care for this person and i will always care about him. If we are just friends, its like we are truly more then that, we have been with each other for two months and there were pretty much happy 2 months of my life, but we know so much about one another, we are friends, we are dance partners, we are two people that got to know one another and were there for one another through thick and thin times, but now we are ex's, but we are the kind of ex's that end up as friends and on very good terms. But last n not least, the happy memories, r not going 2 end!

My heart is breaking when he is gone...

But i guess i need time to recovery what i have lost in a relationship, and in the time i need to recover, i can look back on this and fiqure what i have done wrong so i can learn from my mistakes. Who knows maybe the next relationship i am in will better, and thats when i am ready to get in to one.

I think with enough patience for myself and for the guy that wants to get with me will respect my wishes and let me be me for a little while. I want to be able to mend my broken heart for the time being. I am not sure on how long its going to take but the next relationship i get into i want to last longer then 2 months, (thats how long this one lasted), He will remain in my heart till my dying day! I can say I love him as a friend, but care for him as or was a boyfriend. I just want things expecially all this hurt i feel to go away, even though i dont show it, to him its there, i dont and are not going to cry on the outside or least try not to, but it is definte that i will cry on the inside for a long time..

You'll find better love, stronger then as it ever was, deeper then the as the river runs, warmer then sun above, please remember me....-Tim McGraw

If Dean reads this, take this not the wrong way, but n a way for u to understand i have understood that we are going to remain friends, and dance partners. But i will always care for u!!!

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