All hail the phone !!!  

lilmzmuffet 42F
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10/26/2005 3:17 pm

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10/16/2006 10:59 am

All hail the phone !!!

I have discovered I have a gift. it is gift that is available to anyone if they are wise enough to use it. A FILTHY mind. that's it plain and simple. a wonderful tool in securing sex when ever the desire takes you. I have recently acquired a new f**k buddy. Needless to say, I am very pleased about this. My friend...(lets call her sapphire).. sorted it out for me. Sapphire is a happily married swinger. she has been my friend for nearly ten years. Well, Sapphire became really annoyed with me moaning about never getting any really good, raw sex. Sapphire came to my aid and spoke to another one of her contacts from the swinging world...(lets call him Mark).
Mark got in contact via mobile and he and I engaged in the most fantastic text sex. the fact we were strangers, meant there was no inhibitions in play. I can safely say that I had to play with myself many times until we met. No really I had to..
This is really the point ..the raw nasty texts that were flying between us were desirously surreal. coming from a stranger..mind blowing and always at the wrong time in the sense I could not respond. obviously this meant that when we did meet up, we both knew what we wanted and basically got down to some really raw sex. he was a gentleman throughout but oh my god, the sex was great. ( more about that later.) in fact he knew how to play with my pussy so well that when his friend rang up, he passed the phone to me and told me to say hi. I did this , but at the same time Mark was working my gash so good that I could not help getting so turned on. All the while, Mark's friend whom I am talking to on the phone realizes I am in the throes of orgasm, responds by starts talking dirty to me. well that was it...I came so hard I shuddered for nearly half an hour after. that was easily one of the most sexiest moments of my life. Big thankyou to Mark, cant wait to get worse with you..and thankyou to Mark's made it intense..But, most of all hail to the phone that made it possible!

rm_pat17184 32M
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10/31/2005 9:51 am

liz i'll give you a good fuckin if you want all my nine inches, can't wait

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