lilchick1987 29F
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8/2/2005 7:54 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


im not tryin to come off rude to all you people im just trying to spread the memo. while yes my profile may say that i feel like doing some kinky shit which is true i am. but i am also looking for a whole hell of a lot more than sebut sex is always a plus) i am not the kind of person that is gonna fuck you as soon as i meet you. im just not that type of person. i want to get to know you firs. if i feel ready than yea i will fuck. but im a virgin so i dont fuck as soon as i meet someone. i am looking for love that goes somewhere. i am not into one night stands. not in the least. one day i do plan on getting married and starting a family. i dont plan on it anytime soon but hey if it happens than it happens just a hell of a lot sooner than i planned. i am also not lookin to meet someone who is old enough to be my father. a lotta guys that i hear from are. guys my age up to 30 if you are over 30 i am interested in being friends maybe but not friends with benefits. thats only if i dont get too freaked. a girls gotta draw the line somewhere. im actually sorta afraid of guys who are past 30 cuz i look a whole hell of a lot younger than i actually am and i have felt stalked by guys in that age range. no offense. honestly i am not tryin 2 piss anyone off but i just hit 18 so i do have some boundaries with the whole age thing.i am gonna be up front and say that i can be a huge ditz.

bmoviejunkie2 50M
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8/2/2005 9:28 pm

It is good that you drew some boundaries for all the pervs on this blog line. Take your time and don't rush anything, you will be glad you waited for the right guy.

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rm_SexyLovers21 36M

8/3/2005 7:03 am

"honestly i am not tryin 2 piss anyone off"

If someone gets pissed off at your 'guidelines', that is their problem.. Everyone has their requirements, and you are either in or out.. They will get over it

tamethytension 54M
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8/3/2005 9:45 am

This is a good start youngling...

drawing lines is simply being honest and up front with your relationship goals. You might want to place the key points in this blog on your profile as well.

And thank you for expressing your feeling on the age issue. It certainly is a rational explanation yet one that few young men take the time to explain to men. In reverse, I have the same difficulty looking upon a women 25 or younger as any more than the daughter she could plausibly be.



LittleUandI 32M

8/3/2005 10:48 pm

very nice. its nice to see people our age still have some sort boundrie giudlines and moral fiber. its very refreshing. keep your boundries girl....its really the only way to get respected, especially in our age group.
good luck, we all hope you find what it is your looking for.

Masseur_0 41M

8/14/2005 6:19 pm

Oh look, we're all rooting for the youngin' You go girl and make us all proud?!! hehe, It's funny though, seeng who visits yer blog anad we're all 30's, 40's even 50's...Sheesh, we're gonna drive off all the young wipper snappers yer lookin fer....OK, I'll leave you alone now so you can keep trollin'....hehe, good luck, yearling.

Dexter_Loco 39M

9/16/2005 4:11 pm

YOu sound a "tad" bit confused and have a big paranoid issue about age difference. It sounds like you should not be on here for a start, there are hundreds if not thousands of dating sites for "teens" who have an issue about sex or age!..basicaly just normal dating sites for normal minded people. I think it's strange that you attacking people in such a hostile way, this is a site for open minded people who like matter what age or subject..simple as that. Also I know many girls you're age and younger (including school girls..gosh horror..did I just say the school word..well im not just talking about the UK here) who do not have an issue with older boys or men or about underage as well as over age (lol) sex, I know many girls who again are alot younger than you who fuck older boys and men every weekend,and if you say thats wrong or not right that would make you a very narrow minded person indeed. It really sounds like you have had some bad experience or had a friend who had a bad time in the past. People can not read minds on here, you can not think that everyone will know you're limits on here. Just be abit more sensitive and calm, and next time. Not everyone will will see it from my point of will scare most people away and you will not many friends on here. Thats all I can say to you, in the most open honest way with out trying to upset you. I hope you dont take offence with this message. Kisses and take care....and most important..."CHILL OUT"

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