This is joke night for me....:)  

lilbears 47F
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8/28/2006 9:16 pm

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8/29/2006 10:56 am

This is joke night for me....:)

A college professor was doing a study testing the senses of first graders, using a bowl of lifesavers. He gave all the children the same kind of lifesavers, one at a time, and ask them to identify them by color and flavor.

The children began to say:


Finally the professor gave them all honey lifesavers. After eating them for a few moments none of the children could identify the taste.

"Well" said the professor, "I'll give you a clue, it's what your mother may sometimes call your father."

One girl looked up in horror, spits hers out and yelled;

"Oh My God!!!! They're assholes!"

silvereclipes2 50M

8/28/2006 9:30 pm

oh god lil that was funny you just busted a rib for me.

countryheart_71 45F
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8/29/2006 5:09 am

I love this one! I will have to tell it at work today and see how many I can get to pee themselves....lmao.


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