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8/4/2006 9:12 pm

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I learn something new about people everyday. I've always been that person that people seem to confess things that you really shouldn't be telling ANYONE. Like tonight I had to go to wal mart for a few things walking into the building I see a girl I knew a few years ago. Well she was dating my best friend’s brother, who at the time I just happened to be fucking. Don't know if she ever knew that but that’s a story for another time. She and I talk ya know just the normal BS. Her and her husband are trying to have another baby and she was seemed a little upset that it didn't happen this month. Ok that's cool ya know nothing strange about that. Then she tells me that last week she was out of work for 4 days because she threw her back out having sex. Now I haven't seen this girl in like, 6 years is that something you really go and say to them?? I don't know maby it’s just me but I really didn't need to know that. It gets me thinking that people do that stuff all the time. A girl I work with calls it word vomit. You open your mouth and before you know it all kinds of things you shouldn't say are just out there. It's not like you can take it back once you've said it.

The best story I've heard and let me tell you right now I WOULD NEVER tell someone this, especially if I was trying to get them to come home with me. I was out at the bar after work one night. I was just in a pissy mood and was only going out for one drink. As I was leaving this guy I know from work was by the door. We started to chat and I sat down with him and another guy I knew from school. The drinks are flowing Dave was buying so who am I to refuse free beer. It's almost last call and all I wanted to do was get home. But every time I tried to leave Dave got this sad puppy dog look and I would go ok one more beer. So he stars telling me about this club back in New York he was at. How this FINE ASS chick was all up on him and he started to kiss her. Well as you all one kissing leads to other more interesting things. They made their way to the bathroom and she starts to give him head. Cool your getting lucky at the club yeah you. Well he goes around reaching between her legs and she's a HE! Yup it’s a dude. About this time I had to bite my tongue to stop from laughing. Now at this point I would have stopped telling the story not him he goes on. So he has a choice either stop right there go home and finish himself off or just let her continue. He lets her continue. There's nothing wrong with that, but would you tell someone this?

I don't work with this guy and this is only the second time I've seen him outside of work. The first time he ended up sitting in my car for 2 hours going on and on about him and his wife. Again things I could have really died a happy person never knowing. He just wouldn't get out of my car. You gotta love alcohol it will do wonders for any inhibitions you may have.

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8/5/2006 5:31 am

I have to agree with you. If I ever found out that a she was a he, that's a story that would go to the grave with me. And if I did do something like that and didn't stop when I found out the chick had balls, there isn't enough alcohol in the State to get me drunk enough to even start that story...and if I did start it by mistake, I'd lie my ass off, forget "she" had balls, tell you there was a pussy when I reached between her legs and tell you how how I did her doggy style with her bent over the bathroom sink.


8/6/2006 8:17 am

LOL love the post gotta love TMI and wish there was an auto delete button for your memory at times- great post!

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