Not what you expected  

lil_nympho2 35F
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8/16/2006 8:55 pm

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8/23/2006 6:51 am

Not what you expected

That’s what everyone tells has been telling me lately. I’m not what they expected, but that has a lot to do with my name or my life didn’t go in the direction they thought it would. Well hell I’m not where I thought I’d be either. In high school I was almost always single watched all my friends would go through boy/girl friend drama, never wanted to be married or have kids for that matter. I wanted to travel get the hell out of Maine ASAP get away from the small towns. Most of all get away from my family well to be honesty mostly my mother.

Now look at me I’m divorced but I saw that coming even before the wedding, with two kids, and I live at home WITH my mother! How in the hell did I get here??? I’ve been catching up with old friends so I guess that’s what brought this one. Ones that wanted to settle down have families and who I certainly thought would long before I did. They turned out to be the ones who did the most with their lives. I’ll admit it I am jealous of the freedom they have, journeys that they’ve been on and that I didn’t do what I planned.

I know this is where I say that my kids are the best part of my life and they make up for everything I’ve missed out on. They do on the mornings they don’t get me up at 5 lol. Seriously there’s not much I’d do differently if I could take the last 5 years of my life back.

rm_pris507 50M
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8/17/2006 2:22 am

Things happen in life that we don't expect, but that's what makes life interesting.

rm_douglhers 41M
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8/18/2006 2:13 pm

If you are happy with you are then that is enough, i think we all wonder what if, i know i do but life has brought me here for a reason.. Enjoy

lil_nympho2 35F

8/18/2006 6:49 pm

I know life never goes according to plan. I'm happy I'm not where I thought I'd be 5 years after high school. We had to write a paper on where we would be in 5 years our senior year, I was going to be a beach bum bartender in Hawaii. Yeah I had high hopes for myself I know. What it boiled down to was me just wanting to run away from home and everyone around me. That some where out there was a better place than home where my problems would just go away. Reality set in when I first moved out on my own and found out being an adult really sucks sometimes. Having to be responsible when you have no other option isn’t as much fun as you thought it would be. After falling on my face a few times I knew that if I did move away I would'nt have the help of my family when I needed them most.

drkwaterz 36F

8/19/2006 1:00 pm

I must say in reading this post it sounded like my own life story. After everything that I've undergone I do believe things happen for a reason. Now what the reason is, hell if I know, but it's worth finding out. I wouldn't change a single thing in my life because it's made me the woman and mother I am today. I had to find out the hard way but it was well worth it.

rm_mainevern 51M
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8/19/2006 3:34 pm

What is that quote about it being a long, strange, journey?


I Wanna Pull Purpletrashcan's Fucking Hair!

rm_alosa1000 55M

8/20/2006 5:42 pm

Who each of us is, is the sum total of what we experience and learn from as we go through life. You are at least examining things and being introspective, which is very healthy


8/21/2006 3:22 am

It is very refreshing to hear that how you wouldnt change a thing. The ups and downs in our lives seem to define us most. But shouldnt life come with an easy button lol j/k. Good luck with everything and am glad you were able to have no regrets.

PS dont you just love the lil alarm clocks always seem to know when to wake you up when you can sleep in LOL

lil_nympho2 35F

8/21/2006 6:04 pm

The funny thing about my lil alarm clocks I can make them wake up my mom too! I just say "mommies sleeping go get nanny" they do. My door stays open but its funny the hear S go " nanny mommies still sleeping WAKE UP"


8/23/2006 3:31 am

ROFL that is awesome lil nympho that right there is worth its weight in gold lol

rm_mainer2005 41M

8/23/2006 6:49 am

you are only 24 darling? Kids or no kids, you have another 60 years tp go on this crazy ball of confision. Live every day with vigor and joy and do SOMETHING every day that is a step from where you are toward where you WANT TO BE. Before you know it, you will be closer to your goal than you realize.



lil_nympho2 35F

8/23/2006 6:51 am

yeah it is. Considering S is a non-stop chatter box from the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed you have to get up just to get away from him for a second.

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