Keep it Real  

lilJay308 43M
3 posts
5/6/2006 2:38 pm
Keep it Real

Kee it real! Whe it time to come out them panties and let this dick up in you keep it real.(Y) I don't care if I pull them down or you take them off it' time to fuck and a big dick will satify keep it real. You can be in a dress or in a skirt but when you take them panties off keep it real it's goin down.(Y) Grind that ass till you put all that dick in there and get stuck in it with her dress up and make her feel you and Keep it real! Give me a little vodka and i'm gone tell you to keep it real and tane your panties downso I can grip that ass put this dick in you and keep it real./8bFuck till you can't get enough. PULL them panties down and keep it real!(Y)

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