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4/11/2006 10:19 pm

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beautiful bodies

This is a response I emailed an AdultFriendFinder contact concerned I would not like her looks. I think I may have "nailed" the wording finally, said something well that I've always felt.

See if this is true for you--


[large snip]

>I am not a tiny dainty lady.

Pfffft. One of the most beautiful, alluring women I know who lives by here is well over 350. Ohmigod. She's beautiful! But she's happily married. Flirts with me a lot, and I just go to mush over her. But no chance of more than that.

No worries.

But, there are so many aspects of beauty, how can any person not be found beautiful? I also am large. But my skin is nice, I think. And I have massive thighs with nicely channeled muscles. *I* like them, anyway. And my chest -- what woman could not love being held close to this montrous, Russian wrestler chest of mine. It is warm and wide and deep and welcoming. My rear is large. But again, the cheeks are smooth, heavily muscled, but nice. When I sleep at night, I sometimes slip my hand down beneath me, under one of those cheeks, and it feels so good, I am comfortable and fall asleep in love with myself.

I find so much on my non-Redford bod to love, I have no trouble adoring the bodies of others: the shape of a mouth, the curves of lips, the teeth, a shape of the nose, the "smile" of an eye squinting happily at me, or dropped like a curtain over a resting eyeball. Hairlines, brows, shoulders, backs of necks, fingers, calves, the valley between the breasts, the rising landscape of the breast itself, the intricate folds of labia, swirls of pubic hair, laugh lines,.... I will find you beautiful. Trust me. I will find beauty in you where you didn't look before, where you least suspected. And when I see it, when I find it.... believe me, I'm a blabbermouth. I will say it immediately, wherever we are. If the sun lights your hair suddenly from behind your shoulder, I will stop a conversation to tell you what I see. If the color of your eyes catches my attention, the scent of your breath, the warmth of your hand... I can't follow a line of thought -- I will interrupt to tell you.

How could anyone *not* want me around?

Well.... some people think I'm nuts. I'm too happy, too easily awed, to be normal.

Good! I say Good!

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