Neverending kisses, all night embraces  

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4/9/2006 10:09 pm

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Neverending kisses, all night embraces

Although I have mentioned a few long time fantasies of mine, I really think I should say what it is I want most of all: a woman's cuddling and kissing.

Afterall, in spite of what else I've written, romantically, I'm only attracted to women.

I sure would like to meet someone for whom there is mutual attraction and a sense of security and trust. Someone who would like to sit on a lookout over a scenic valley and hold me close, share that electric moment when we are not thinking of anything else, and then...

...and then....

...then kiss!

I ache for that more than anything. Tight embraces and kissing.

At the risk of "scripting" a date out (which surely would ruin it, because then it is all mechanical and impossible to recreate spontaneously, real), I'll say how it would go:

After emails where we established we wouldn't "hate" each other at first site (I don't know... over some issue or something that we discover we can't reconcile or whatever?), we'd set up "the date." I'd hope it would be for coffee (I love a coffee). If we were still hitting it off, and dared risk it... and here's where I cross my fingers... we'd go somewhere quiet, above or just beyond the bustling world... turn the music on soft... and lose ourselves together... appreciate each other's presence and gift of touch, closeness, intimacy.

If it went on like that till the sun came up, that would be just perfect. I would not lobby for more.

But 'nuf said. That young kid, John Mayer, when asked about his lyrics, said, "Now I can never hold a woman's head in my hands, because in my head, I'd be thinking, 'Just like in my song,' and I can't run through the halls of my high school, because it would be 'just like in my song.'"

I won't script the date. But now you have an inkling about what's most important to me. I open to all the other stuff, though I could finish out my life without it. Without hugging and kissing, I *might* be able to finish out my life, but... what for?

Hey, I will add that I do not chew, I do not smoke, and I do not have bad breath -- well, not *before* the coffee, anyway!



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