Do you remember when....?  

lil12pups 55M
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4/8/2006 8:14 am
Do you remember when....?

I remember staying at my 3rd cousin's house. We were just kids. We slept out in the camper in his driveway. And that's how it all began. His could cum. No matter how I flailed mine, mine could not. It just would get to a point where it was too sore to touch. But there were other things to compare: Length, testicle size. It wasn't scary or forceful. It was just interesting. The differences were cool.

That was my introduction to sexuality. For years after that, I kept "testing" mine to see when I could cum. I was anxious that the day would never arrive. Maybe I was defective. Then one day, I felt it coming up, and there was a pearly white drop. I was pretty excited, but who do you show something like that to? Was there anyone who wouldn't judge me as an evil little thing because of what I was doing?

I kept it a secret, but I always kept jacking off to see how much more and how much more I could make. And I wondered what other boys could do. I also doubted that girls, lacking this equipment, ever thought about doing anything. I was most curious about girls. Surely girls didn't have an interest in this, or did they? If they did, well, I would be more than happy to show them, if they asked, and if they didn't mind a little quid pro quo.

Well, then I discovered that there were a group of boys, all interested in the same thing. From there, a regular circle jerk was born. Some could cum like little volcanoes. Others, a spurt.

Now grown up, with lots of responsibilities and social esteem, I have a nostalgic longing for those days of exploration and mutual discovery. I do *not* have a thing for children. No no no. That's not the attraction for me today at this age. Repulses me. I am a father with children, and I am definitely NOT talking about exploitation. It's quite the contrary. In those days, there was nothing about exploitation to it.

I never grew out of the need for that kind of camraderie, though, and the need to satisfy my curiosity about others. I'd be looking for someone at least 30 or more years old. But no matter how old a man or woman is -- even if they consider themselves far over the hill at 70 or 80, I want that moment again of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours," and of "I do this to mine; do you like that, too?" and "Would you like it if I do this to it?"

Oh, if someone would say to me, "Hey, do you ever wonder...." I would like up like a bulb and nod carefully. Guy/Girl/Group... any and all of the above.

I am *not* after a "How would you like to be rammed with this" event. I'm talking about a discrete, quiet sharing of what we like sexually, what we fantasize about... no rush, no urgent need to "get off."

I'm interested in what turns you on and what you'd like to do. If you are a man, woman, transexual, transgender.... it's all good.

It would start with coffee (for me, order what you like). And it would start with conversation about what we like about life in general, about who we are and what we care about.

It would be good to be friends first, to understand and trust each other.

It could start with massage. I love to give massages and to receive massages.

I have a deep appreciation for the whole body -- for arms and legs and hands... for faces, for eyes, for hair.... I love the whole body.

And the rest would come if it were to come. I don't know how the occasion would come up. Lots of scenarios.

But someday... someday... that moment will come. There will be the question from one or the other of us: "Do you want to see mine?" And other questions will follow.

Who's up for that? Write to me....


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