man's p.o.v...i love it when...  

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8/18/2006 5:55 am

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8/24/2006 11:35 am

man's p.o.v...i love it when...

i love it when…

- i go down on a lady and eat her out while she squirms and squeals

- the clit tastes sweet and moist not sour and dry

- a girl will strip down half naked just to suck my dick

- a woman lets me play with her nipples in the dark

- a woman lets me play with her nipples in broad daylight

- a forward girl feels up my thigh right up to the hot place by my balls

- a woman presses her breasts upon me, anywhere

- a lady touches her own nipples in a public place, bringing them to attention

- a girl knowingly lets me look down inside her shirt by bending over just so

- a lady lets me see as much of her tits as she dares, maybe right to the areola; perhaps she may even give me a gracious glimpse of a nipple or two!

- a person supports the top-free laws of the States of Texas and Arizona for both men and women equally, and encourages the removal of local restrictions on the same

- females in the future have nothing to fear from others if they wish to bare their breasts to feed their children or simply because it is too hot for constrictive clothing; our bodies will no longer be considered shocking but rather "acceptable as built"

- a woman stands directly in front of me within mutual fondling distance while dancing

- a girl encourages my hand to brush across her face, pussy, anus or tits

- a woman goes entirely braless while she is with me

- a girl i hardly know lets me feel her up AND down in a regular, not x-rated, theatre

- the same girl deftly removes her own bra and panties to make it more fun for both of us

- a woman gives me head while i drive my car on the highway, cheerfully cleaning up after me with the napkins from my glove compartment

- a lady flashes me a little somethin-somethin from her seat and smiles

- a girl lets me twiddle some fingers between her breasts over our lunch table

- a girl lets me twaddle some fingers about her clit and labia under our lunch table

- a lady thinks it is perfectly normal to run around the house perfectly nude

- a woman takes my cock with both hands, one on the shaft and another at my balls, and works it as a unit

- a woman forgets all about her personal hangups because touching skin to skin is so dang fun

- a lady seeks then finds that little bare spot between the base of my penis and my anus - and wow...!

- a girl suddenly removes her bra from under her shirt in that one smooth motion that never ceases to amaze me, then nonchalantly stows it away in her purse or shopping bag right in public view.

- i can see a woman's hard nipples right through her clothing, especially when she accompanies me

- i can see a lady's areolas outlined in slightly (or distinctly different) shades underneath her clothing

- a woman wears stylish white pants and shoes, but with a dark-colored thong below

- any female genuinely smiles at me

- any lady compliments me as charming or warm or smart or strong

- any woman says thank-you

- any woman paints her toenails

- girls wears really short shorts or skirts

- mature-looking women don't wear such things

- a lady pretends to be inconspicuous as she undoes yet ONE MORE button

- a woman provides the cover of a shawl, blanket, bag, jacket or whatever as an excuse to get wilder underneath while making out

- my blue balls find relief in the pussy, mouth, tits or hands of a loving female (list order preferentially significant)

- a woman tells me i'm so fast and withdraws, but then immediately goes back at it

- a girl asks me a sexual favor -- i always try to be compliant

- a lady asks me if there is anything she can do for me during my morning routine

- a pretty stranger locks glances with me, falls in love or lust involuntarily, and then proves her personal boundaries are as bad as mine yet doesn't mind at all

- a friend hugs and touches me like she's much more than just a friend

- she easily and naturally switches roles as need be: mother, daughter, wife, manager, lover, flirt

- she shyly lets me cup her breast as long as it doesn't bother anyone else

- my friends compliment the one i'm with

- a girl gives ME her email or number before i even ask

- a woman sends out an irresistable signal that she highly respects me, understands my dreams and accomplishments, yet knows deep in her heart that we are complete equals and compatriots in power

- a girl respects me enough to ask me to do something she's always wanted done to her

- a female is careless in her expressions and displays the true feelings of the heart

- respect is mutual and automatic

- a woman talks plainly but wittily

- misunderstandings are given the benefit of the doubt, and are corrected patiently to broaden horizons for both

- no layer of artifice obscures nature

- women are happy with their work

- a woman can make love in only the expression of her eyes, even across a physical chasm

- a woman can make love with her eyes open and yet smile at me

- a sexual partner eagerly displays a sense of mystery and discovery

- sex is never just sexual, and non-sex is never just non-sexual

- we hold hands

- we offer ourselves to the dance

- she doesn't mind that i can become lost in her for hours, maybe even days

- someone i am in love with reminds me to eat or to sleep, because those necessities seem so dim in comparison with her liveliness

- we just can't say goodbye, and so then we don't

- a girl's personality type is ENFP like me

- a girl's personality type is EN-anything-else like mine (I'm ENFP, and how)

- a woman doesn't like having tan lines

- love is nearly equal parts physical, emotional, erotic, sacrificial, heroic and brotherly

- a woman is generous both to give and receive

- i can't think of anything but loving you, all the rest of life be damned, and still it works out just fine

likurlips2006 54M
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8/19/2006 9:59 pm

How about you? You like it when... what? (and it would be great to have some comments from the woman's point of view...)

sassy1296 51F

8/24/2006 6:22 pm

I like it when

a man touches me softly all over.
takes the time to learn every curve of my body
always changes it up a little and trys newthings to see what causes reactions

rm_kaykitty2 37F

9/21/2006 1:59 am

I love it when....

...a man takes his time touching my body all over letting me know he is enjoying and exploring
...a man kisses or bites my neck and shoulders
...a friend or lover gets close to me in a non-sexual situation that makes me want a sexual situation to happen although neither of us make that move
...flirting happens with just our eyes and smiles
...a man I'm attracted to is so close to me but we don't touch
...a man goes down on me
...a man remembers that a kiss is important even if we've already had sex
...a man touches my naked body without expecting sex
...a man understand that I enjoy slow love-making as much as i enjoy quick dirty sex
...a man wears a clean white t-shirt
...a man listens to me and remembers what I said
...I can feel my lover's breath on my skin
...someone compliments my smile..and means it
...I can tell when a guy is shy around me
...a man makes me feel beautiful and special in a room full of beautiful women
...a man compliments and admires my strength
...a man enjoys reading and learning lover holds me close
...a man respects and loves women
....there's so much more but that's it for now

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