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7/9/2005 3:54 pm

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My first Blog

OK so after reading a whole lot of blogs almost all females. I thought I would start one of my one for various reasons. I could actually care less if anybody reads this. I am doing this for my own mental health so to speak.
I am an attached guy with a great wife and a wonderful kid my problem is the wife is so sexually uninterested its not even funny has been for years sooooooo whats a guy to do but turn to the net. Thats what I have done over the years at first for some self validation. I was looking to prove myself etc etc My basic question was why does she just lay there am I really that bad? Well after a few encounters my favs being older couples I can honestly say its not me. I know now that I am not a bad lover just a bad husband it seems for having to cheat. I know its wrong and I hate it but I am a sexual person and to be honest her lying there and doing nothing but asking if I was done yet just doenst do it for me.
It basically comes down to this. There is no person I would rahter spend my life with as far as hubby and wife and there is no person I would rahter not have sex with. Its sad it sucks but its true.
So why do I hate chicago? Is there enough room here for all my reasons? First off no family or friends up here just the wife and her clan. The people are FUCKING rude not at all like the south. They drive like fucking maniacs I hate the expressway. WHat is it with everybody feeling the need to open a pizza joint a hot dog stand or sell qyros? I dont get it. And people seem to think that some of these resteraunts up here are awesome I wouldnt feed the food to my fucking dog. Ie NORTHWOODS why do people love this place the food sucks ass.
Well I feel somewhat better I dont know exaclty how often Ill be posting probably as my stress dictate so anyway cya

DirtyLilSecret61 55F

7/9/2005 5:27 pm

I have family in the Cedar Lake/Portage/Valpariso area. I like that area. You're right, you have to have a certain mentality to enjoy Chicago. Me - faaaaaaaaaaarm LIVIN' is the life for me, land stretchin' out so far and wide ... yada yada yada.


likeitstrange 43M

7/9/2005 6:38 pm

WOW my first comment thank you for just making my day! Yea I like the country life as well Im just a redneck hillbilly from the ozarks up here in the big city. Can anybody say culture shock?

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