what gives??  

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8/18/2005 9:31 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

what gives??

so iv'e been cruising around this site the past few days getting to know how things work (some things are still a mystery)and in checking out the local groups i noticed that most of the members are all guys there are only one or two girls in each group where are you all?????
or maybe thats not a good way to get to know people? also the first few postsi made here got a lot of views and the last one didn't get any not that it bothers me but its just curiose maybe my posts need to have a lot of sex in them ????

well i watched a cool video a little while ago of a cute hottie playing with herself while talking on her cell phone yum yum..... it was about a 5 min video i liked it a lot

so back to rambling i seem to spend a lot of time thinking about this place while i'm in work latley i like it. i should get my upgraded status by next week so i can check out some of you sweet hearts that have winked at me. it really is lame being a standard member you cant do much but blog. but thats ok cause i'm enjoying this stuff.well thats it for now i need to think of somthing good to post here for the ladies who drop bye.

i,ve got a story i wrote a while back that i think i will post in the mag.section when i get a chance i think its pretty good and so did the sweetie i wrote it for.

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