the encounter  

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9/19/2005 12:31 am

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the encounter

you enter the room together and close the door behind you. you face each other and begin to kiss you are holding each other in your arms your hands rubing and exploring each others curves and firmness. there is a welling lust boiling up from deep inside you it started in the pit of your stomache and is flowing over you like a warm ocean wave breaking all over your body together you had discussed long slow forplay and kissing and playing to make your first evening together perfect. but thats not how you feel now, you are kissing deeper and harder hands are exploring with haste and urgencey pants are being pushed up into a crotch and a throbing penis is being stroked and scratched at from above the jeans.fuck me now is uttered at almost the same time by the two of you and you start to rip at clothing shoes are kicked off shirts are ripped open kissing and sucking on earlobes necks and fingers as you fumble together to strip each other down .

naked and hot a mouth devowers a nipple and the top of a breast a hand is wrapped around a rock hard cock as it is slowly stroked and fondled.a hand parts a crotch and several fingers glide deep into a slick and sweet pussy fingers find the clit and start to rub the clit.she pulls away fom him and grabs his cock dragging him to the bed as she falls into it he drops to his knees and spreads her legs wide as he sticks his tounge deep inside her licking and using his teeth to nibble on the end of her clit she pulls his hair hard and grinds his face into her crotch pushing him hard . he almost looses his breath as he pulls away enough to breathe she bucks wildly yelling for him to take her as she starts to cum hard her hips thrusting up and down into his face. as he pulls away she starts squirting her juices as she cums like never before. he imediatly stands up and rolls her onto her stomache and pulls up her ass slightly, his cock is dripping just waiting to explode he grabs it and guides it into her dripping slick hole he starts pumping hard slamming his balls against her lips and she is moaning deeply again she pulls herself up and lays her head back on his shoulder he grabs her tits and squeezes her nipples sending a shudder throughout her body. he is moaning and grunting as he slams her for all its worth he can feel his cock convulsing as he blows a load of hot gizz dep inside her he thought his load would never end. they collapsed on the bed having had the best sexual encounter of their lives.

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