hot stranger in traffic. part 1.  

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8/26/2005 1:43 pm

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hot stranger in traffic. part 1.

this is the 3rd time im going to try and write this story ....

tina was driving home on the freeway it was a typical hot august afternoon.the ac in her car was broke and she was hot and sweaty. she had taken off her shoes and she had her left foot propped up between the dash and the drivers doorwith her toes sticking out the window a bit she had her skirt pulled up so that the breeze was blowing down her leg to her crotch. she had the first few buttons of her blouse undone and she could see her 36 c's sitting nicely in her lace bra the ride wasnt to bad as long as she was moving along but traffic had slowed and she was just hot and bored. tina was thinking that it was a good thing she had shaved her pussy last night so that the breeze blowing on it had the most affect she thought about it for a moment and that it felt like someone blowing softly accross her pussy and the thought made her tingle inside. she looked over to notice a few people looking over at her she playfully winked at them. the warm afternoon sun was shining down through her sunroof warming her shoulders and the top of her chest the feeling was nice. as she looked up through the sunroof she saw the driver of a big black pickup staring at her he was incredibly sexy with blonde hair and big biceps with a dark tan. tina thought she would have some fun

to be continued.

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