hot guy in traffic part 2  

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8/26/2005 2:56 pm

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hot guy in traffic part 2

Tina started rubbing her chest running her fingers under her blouse and over her breasts she was turning herself on now she could feel herself getting damp in the crotch. As traffic moved along the truck fell back a bit so tina quickly fumbled to take her bra off (back seat Olympics do come in handy) lol her tits were sweaty and starting to feel incredibly warm as her rock hard pink nipples were just sticking out at the edge of her blouse.
The truck pulled back up along side her and as tina looked over again she could see the stranger had a huge smile on his face tina could also see his right shoulder moving back and forth a little OH MY GOD!!! He was jerking off to her, tina was really turned on now
Tina slid down in her seat and spread her legs a bit so her pussy was showing from under her skirt. She slid her hand down between her legs and slid a few fingers deep into her swollen pussy her juice was running down her leg as she played with herself and started rubbing her clit fast and hard she noticed that some other people had noticed what she was doing and that knowledge sent her over the edge she shuddered from inside as a wave of extacy washed over her. Tina pulled out her fingers as her juices flowed down them. The stranger was locked into her as she put her fingers in her mouth and sucked them dry.
Tina then mouthed to him “don’t cum yet, follow me”…

The stranger let tina pull out in front of him and she pulled off at the exit ramp. At the bottom of the ramp was an old DPW access road she turned onto it and pulled over under a tree. Tina got out of her car and realized that she was a little weak in the knees she steadied herself and walked over to the truck and pulled the door open and there she saw the biggest cock she had ever seen in person, it was at least 10” long and quite thick she pulled the strangers leg around and grabbed on to his dick without letting him say a word tina began to stroke his cock with both hands there was just a bit of cum on the tip of his dick and tina bent over and swallowed him all the way to the back of her throat. She knew he would come soon as she could feel little spasms in her mouth she sucked deep and hard fondling his balls as she felt him cum in her mouth. It felt like she was swallowing a gallon of jizz. When tina finished she stood up and they smiled at each other but not a word was spoken the man picked her up and brought her to the back of the truck putting the tailgate down he sat tina on the gate and lay her down with her legs spread apart the stranger started licking her inner thighs and up to her pussy it was swollen and ready for another orgasm he put three fingers in her and began probing her as deep as he could he was applying pressure to the sides of her pussy . Tina realized he was getting her ready for his long cock, just when tina thought she was going to explode the stranger pulled his fingers out of her and sucked them clean never taking his eyes off of her . He pulled her up and rest his cock against her pussy tina took hold of him and guided him into her, she was so wet that he slid right in despite his large size he started to fuck her hard and deep tina thought for sure she would be bruised tomorrow but didn’t care at the moment she wrapped her legs tight around his waist and they fucked in rythim together the stranger started moaning loudly and she new what was coming they both exploded in orgasm together tina’s pussy felt as if it were convulsing as she matched his pumping they fell back into the truck bed together and just lat there for a minuite neither one was able to speak at that moment. Tina gathered herself up and got up off the tailgate she turned and grabbed his semi hard cock putting it in her mouth and sucking all of her sex and the rest of his cum off of it. When she was done she looked up at him ,gave him a deep kiss and then walked to her car she got in and drove away never saying a word to each other.

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