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8/28/2005 9:58 am

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gotten some intrest in return thats cool

i think i figured out why some posts get a ton of views and some dont, its the title, if it looks like their might be somthing juicy there people will check it out if not they just scroll by and go on to somthing else. and thats ok because thats why 99% of us our here. the other 1% arent sure why their here lol.

i'm enjoying the day off i'm off tomorrow too so i can get a few errands done i have to go to home depot, thats a fun trip for guys i almost get the same feeling walking through those doors as i do while watching a porn lol. well thats it for now i guess sorry i dont have any sex stories today maybe later in the week

if any of the lovely ladies i emailed are reading this please say hi

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