and now by request.....  

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and now by request.....

tina was walking along the tropical beach. the waves lapped gently along the pure sugar white sand. the lazy palm trees were leaning out towards the tide thier fronds softly swaying in the light warm afternoon breeze it was the same breeze that flowed accross tinas naked bronze breasts the wind felt as if it was tugging gently at herlong blond hair whitch was dancing across her nipples making them very hard. goose bumps raced across her chest up one side of her and down the other. it was very hot this afternoon and a lone bead of sweat trickled down between her healthy breasts adding to the warm sensations that were washing accross her body.the only clothing she wore was a thin white wrap around her hips,clasped at her waist and blowing around in the warm tropical breeze.tina stopped for a moment and stood still she widened her stance seperating her legs slightly. the newly open area at her crotch was now exposed to the same warm breeze and the sensation it brought to her sent a wave of shivers through out her body.
tina had left the hotel a half hour ago and just walked along the beach. she had long past any other tourists and was quite alone on the beach(or was she?) as tina stood still in the warm desire of the wind she leaned her head back and when she opened her eyes she noticed thunder clouds building in but they were still a ways off.
tina was feeling quite aroused now and needed to relieve her tension so she walked over to a small nook in the trees and sat down in the grass along the sand. she removed her wrap and looked down upon herself with satisfaction staring at her beautifull tanned body her hard nipples and naked smooth and shaved pussy. she gabbed her nipple in one hand while she rubbed her other hand back and forth across her tight waist and lightly passed her hand over her now swelling vagina. tina could feel her desire building within herself and gently moaned as her fingers found thier way into her wet pussy
just then tina was startled to realise she was being watched. a beautifull bronzed raven haired woman came out from the tall grass her eyes were open wide with excitement she was naked except for a small piece of cloth wrapped around her waist it was obvios that the girl had moved it out of the way so she could pleasure herself as she watched tina masterbate in the grass.
as she walked toward tina she dropped her cloth and embraced tina plunging her tounge deep into tinas mouth thier tounges danced and twisted in each others mouths as hands explored and groped each other the storm clouds were gathering overhead and it would be raining soon but that didn't stop tina and her new lover she threw the woman down on the grass and thrust her face into her crotch. plunging her tounge deep into her wet musk the stranger was moaning in extacy as tina nibbled and toyed with her clit just as the rain began to fall. it was raining hard as tina swung her legs over her new lovers head and felt a tounge instantly part her vagina and dive deep inside her. she herself went back to sucking and fingering the sweet neatly shaven mound that was in front of her. the rain fell harder as the two new lovers rolled around in the grass bodys entwined moving, thrusting for better positions tina was now on her back and still had her mouth full of her moaning panting partner the rain flowed down her ass and mixed with the nectar that was flowing out of her pussy it washed all across her face then like a clap of thunder the girl started to shake all over and her ass was twitching the moans were loud and she could feel her lover convulsing in a deep and prolonged orgasm warm fluid mixed with tropical rain washed across tina face as she opened her mouth to drink as much as she could. at that moment with several fingers thrusting and pounding in and out of her pussy she felt her vagina explode in wave after wave of orgasm the two lovers collapsed into each others arms and kissed and cuddled as the rain ran over thier naked tired and satisfied bodies.tina then felt kisses on her inner thighs slowly and softly moving up across her stomach her breasts were being fondled ank kissed more softly and pasionatly than she had ever felt before the deep warm feelings within her came back to tina flowing around her body tina pulled her lover up to her and leaned down to kiss her they kissed for what seemed like eternity the rain had stopped and the hot tropical sun came back out to bask thier bodies in island heat although that seemed tame compared to the heat that had been released between the two of them.

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11/8/2005 10:33 pm

OMG!! Sooo hot!!!!! Thanks! That was absolutely PERFECT!!

(I appreciate your dedication. )


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