Losing My Ball  

lightswitch1963 69M/53F
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8/5/2006 8:45 pm

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8/17/2006 8:29 pm

Losing My Ball

Timing is everything. Our timing sucked on going silver for the month. But, we are about to have everything back to the way it was. We got our daughter a house 2 doors down from us. She moves next weekend, after a lot of clean up on the house. We have the basic stuff she needs, and are looking forward to moving her out and fixing up a room here for the grandbabies for when we want them for a night. Thank you all for the sweet comments you have made, and for your patience while things have been crazy here. If we had known all this was going to happen, we would have put off going silver. That's ok, we will still be here.

We'll leave the light in for you.

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/50F
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8/6/2006 11:37 am

We went silver and there was no difference, SAVE YOUR $

We will be here when you get back,

Purry {=}



8/6/2006 2:21 pm

We sure will...love you two

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

coolcat74740 42M

8/17/2006 1:19 pm

Hey glad to hear things will be looking up soon and that you found your daughter a place to stay,,I really enjoyed Meeting her and wish we could catch each other online more often...Hopefully with things getting st8 will be able to see each other again soon

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