Dear all guys, stop Masturbation!!i am a living example  

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11/25/2005 8:01 am

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Dear all guys, stop Masturbation!!i am a living example

Today, i decide to go to see urinogenital doctor, for a health check .

She go through my anus in order to exam my prostate gland

"see!! your prostate gland like a stone!!! For normal teenagers, it should be as soft as a cooked egg!! You alwyas go to find girls?"

"No.....i just have Masturbation for 6 years"

"6 year ???? You do it for what?"

"i don't know...i just do it and do the most extreme situation, i do it 4 times a day"

"how long do this sitatuion maintain??"

"One to two years"

"Yourprostate gland like the one who is 50-60years old now.i tell you, when you have Masturbation , you prostate gland will dilate and fill with blood, if this situation continues, your prostate gland will have inflammation.....and fibrous....."

"Do this sitaution reversible?"

"no, we need to take several test on you in order to find out whether you have pathologens inside you urinary tract, you see, the head of your penis is red, it has inflammation inside."

"Oh, my god, i haven't try with girls , but....but little brother becomes.... 50-60 years old........."

"yes, this is what you did, i haven't see a patient like you before, haven't find girl, haven't try sex before................."

Slurp694U 106M

11/27/2005 4:59 am


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