what to do..... when something like this happens  

liebby_cl 31F
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3/28/2006 3:24 pm
what to do..... when something like this happens

i entered a chat room the other day while I was waiting for my next class.... and I was pretty curious about a lesbian chat!

So, I met this giral, Janet, 4 years older than me, with a cool profession.... anyway, idiot of me gave her my cellphone number....

I must admit I was quite interested in this girl, although I've never experienced any lesbian relationship before... anyway... let's get to the part I like

She called me at midnight, I was soundly asleep and at the beginning of what promised to be a very erotic dream. I answered the phone, and a very deep and sexy voice was on the otherside of the line. I couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl... and at the moment it didn't matter, I was horny and I definitively wanted to finish the dream I was having.

I reached beneath my panties to check how wet I already was while I said hello with the sexiest voice I could handle. She asked if she woke me up, I laughed and replied that she would have to make it up.

I whispered that I was having a very nice dream, and I wanted her to finish it. I removed my panties and caressed the skin of my inner thighs, while she spoke very sexy words in my ear through the phone.

I moved my hand back towards my bra clap, as she moaned how much she wanted to feel my 38C tits. I released my bra, and grabbed my right breast beneath the fabric. My nipple was so hard and longing to be sucked. I couldn't keep myself from moaning hard.

"God... I'm so fucking wet" I remember I said. She motioned me to enter 2 fingers inside and move them fast. I did and closed my eyes.... I swear I could almost feel there was someone else in my room!!!

My nipples were desperate for some attention, and so did my pussy. Thank God for my big breast!!, I was able to reach my nipple with my mouth while I fucked myself with Janet on the phone. She moaned hard as I did until I couldn't hold it anymore.

We didn't speak to eachother for what I think were 15 seconds until she said "sweet dreams beautiful", and hang up.

I dropped the phone still very excited for what just happened. Closed my eyes and went back to sleep. Haven't talked to her since then

That's the closest I've been to a lesbian, and to be honest.... wasn't bad at all.... but I just love a good fuck from a nice and hard cock

Well.... let's see what awaits me tomorrow ^__^

rm_besomi 39F

6/9/2006 4:52 pm

nice story

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