Fuck! I love orgies.  

lickuble 32F
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4/30/2006 5:50 am
Fuck! I love orgies.

I remember I used to fuck this guy for months before this happened.

I had gone to a party with the guy and his friend. His friend dropped us off and drove away.

I was super horny that night. We went to his place. We weren't in love or anything. WE both wanted to fuck so there was no need for the pointless uncomfortable pre-amble to sex.

He had to pee. I couldn't wait to get his huge cock into my wet pussy. I stripped off my clothes and spread my legs and lay on his bed waiting for him to come into the room. As he walked out the bathroom, the first thing he saw was my pink pussy, throbbing with anticipation. He took off his clothes with slow deliberate movements. I knew he was trying to torture me. It was working. By the time he mounted me I was on the brink of insanity.

He fucked me hard for about half hour before I became aware we were being watched. I asked him about it he said he'd go check.

Imagine my surprise when he did not walk back in the room alone. It was his friend who had dropped us off.

I was surprisingly aroused at the fact that someone was watching me fuck. Mmmmmmm and his friend did look like a good lay. I decided to jump right in. I reached out and pulled down his pants. I got no resistance. Great. I said to myself. I took his now-hard cock and put it into my mouth. OOOoooooo. it tasted good. AS I sucked him I felt my pussy lips parting. My friend esily slid his cock back inside me. I was in heaven again.

The took turns fucking me and getting blow jobs. They put me in so many positions I was beginning to get dizzy.

I came so hard I almost blacked out.

I love orgies.

Now I want to fuck three guys at once. One in my mouth, one in my cunt, one in my ass. .......

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