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7/31/2005 10:03 pm

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I look at you sleeping... You look happy. I fight the temptation to kiss you. Instead, I gently peel back the sheet so I can look at your body. I feel myself getting aroused. It is so exciting knowing that you are naked and so close and all mine. I lean down and gently lick your nipple erect. Your eyes open and you smile. I kiss you slowly at first, then deeper. My tongue deep in your mouth. I love the taste. I lean closer so m y cock pokes into your side. you take it into your hand, closing your fingers around it. I move partially over you moving my thigh between your own. I feel you pubic hair brush my upper thigh. Your thighs close on mine. I am so hard. I kiss you again and begin lightly stroking your side. I lay suspended above you as my tongue teases your lips and plays with your own. I move my mouth to your neck and begin sucking with my open mouth. Poking and licking with my tongue. I feel you cringe and try and trap my fa ce between your neck cheek and shoulder. Your fingers are dancing lightly over my cock. I want you so bad. I move my hips and begin rubbing my thigh between your legs.

I squeeze your breasts together and begin sucking and biting your nipples... alternating until both are equally hard and wet. I love the feel of your cool skin against my own. I want to do more... My body shifts as I begin moving lower down your body.. My lips and the tip of my tongue giving wet kisses and tracing lines ever lower to your navel, along your sides... I feel you shiver so I know I am doing right. I shift my body so that my cock can get closer to your hungry mouth and my mouth can get betwee n your thighs. I begin licking and nibbling your thighs and you push me on my back. You straddle my face and take my cock in both of your hands. I savor your taste and smell and the texture of your pubic hair against my face. I stick my tongue inside of you. As I lick you, my fingers trace the outside of your thighs, over your ass and along your sides... I know you like this and it allows me to hold you still when I need to if only for a minute. I feel your mouth on me. It feels so good. I makes me want to go crazy on you... I want to drive you wild. I begin licking up and down, just the tip of my tongue going inside to taste your acrid sweetness, your wet pubic hair against my lips and chin. I begin to time my licks to your mouth sliding up and down my cock. I unconsciously begin moving my hips up and down. I feel your hips move to time with my tongue as you grind yourself against my hungry mouth... I make my tongue long and hard allowing you to work against it. My chin and lips are wet with your juices. I a m in heaven. I stick my tongue inside as far as it will go and for a moment cant breathe. I can feel your pubic hair in my mouth. I can feel your clit brush my lips and catch it, momentarily holding and tugging... I feel like I want to cum but want you to cum also. I begin working my tongue furiously in large circles as you grind yourself against my face. I wonder if I will have burns? I dont care. I can tell by your pace that you are close to orgasm. So am I. I am so hard and love the feel of your lips sli ding up and down my cock. The head feels so big and engorged. I cant wait any longer and grasp your ass with both of my hands rising against you as my hips jerk and I explode in your mouth... My tongue is so deep inside of you that once again I cant breath as you lower and grind yourself against me moving until you stop....

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