first time swinging  

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8/2/2006 4:06 pm

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first time swinging

it was a normal day except for the plan of going for a ride on a harley down the trace, seemed innocent enough right. but little did i know the way it would work out for me that day. we met at the begining of the trace at 12:00 noon, he was dressed to kill and his bike was shining bright in the sun. reminded me of something out of a fairy tale, the knight on a white horse and all. i climbed on his white harley softtail not knowing if things would work out for us or not but i didn't care i was getting my ride. we took off down the road the wind blowing my hair, i held on tightly around his waist as he hit the gas. but moments later i noticed that my hand was in his lap rubbing his leg and looking for the pot of gold inside his pants, he took hold of my hand and placed it between his legs, right on the joy stick i was hoping to fine. the next thing i knew he had one hand back rubbing the front of my pants and he was making me wet with excitiment, i couldn't wait until he found a place to park the bike and take control of me. he pulled the bike off into a secluded area off the trace and he finally had time to examine all of me, his hands took hold of my breast hard and he put my nipples in his mouth. i lost time and space as he removed my clothes, he laid me on the seat of his bike and then started to lick my shaven pussy until i cummed at least three times before catching my breath. he then bent me over the seat of the harley and pounded it to me until i screamed his name as i came over and over. this is my first swinging experience and i have had three more since. but i will never forget my first, even if it never happens again.

DiscreetDelights 50F

8/5/2006 9:50 pm


One of my most memorable sexual experiences was spent bent over a Fat Boy around midnight, under the glow of the moon. Incredible!

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