Another sleepless early morning  

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12/17/2005 7:41 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Another sleepless early morning

I wake up like this and can't go back to sleep. I could have been with a lover last night, but chose to be home, alone. Why? I suppose it is about getting to know myself, to stop and breathe for a while.

I'll go there tonight instead. We will have a sauna and he will sit there and watch me when I masturbate in front of him. He loves to watch me, says his wife doesn't do anything 'fun' in bed other than spread her legs. Of course I don't believe that, but it doesn't really matter.

Then we'll go upstairs and here is the 'sick part', he wants me to wear her lingerie and then he smacks my bottom and calls me a naughty girl. It's a game that is 'growing' from each time that we meet. When he called me last time, he said that he had bought some more toys for us to play with. Heaven knows where he keeps them, imagine his face if his wife found them. I enjoy our games and he is a very inventive lover.

So this is how 'bad' I have become. Me, who used to be such a 'good' girl, one mans woman. Now I live my fantasies and go for 'secret' lovemeetings.


It is a great feeling to have a mans attention, be admired, stroked, hugged, kissed and licked. Then, I pick up my things and leave. I go home, take a long bath, a glass of wine and unwind. My body is then totally relaxed.

Am I a typical single woman? Is this what goes on behind all these locked doors? Is this what most married men do when wife is out of town? Or is this simply something that a few of us do?

My love used to say that he had a very high sexdrive. I believe that our sexdrive can be awokened, stimulated and 'improved', if we let it. It is about 'letting go'. Letting the 'forbidden' be ok. It is also about morals. I mean hey, there I am in another womans bed. Do I think about that? No, not much. I let go of those thoughts and tell myself that she will have a happier marriage, if he and I continue our escapades.

It is easy as long as there is no love involved. Love is posessive. At least it is for me. Why is that? It would be bigger of me if I could let go of my jealousy and let my love have all the fun he wanted. Would it not? I can't, I simply can't. And now I am on the 'other side' of things, I am one of those women that fuck other women's husbands. Does that make any sense?

One week until Christmas and lots to do. Must get going...

FriendlybutKinky 49M

12/17/2005 11:22 pm

Good luck with the Christmas shopping!

Take Care,

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