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8/9/2005 2:30 pm

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today kinda sucked...female issues...the burning and itchy kind so my hubby got cream and now im starting to feel better i hate the heat...causes me more problems then good. thats why i enjoy fall not to hot and not to cold...just right ...not to mention its my birthday and halloween....oh how i love halloween and my hubby dress up every year...hes so good about it...last year we were mr and mrs frankenstein makeup and all... this year we are going renissance... i have a fancy white dress and everything....

today i made plans so we can be gone for over a week to missouri with our frineds ...she is stationed there near springfield and hes going out to see her and we are going for the trip and to have fun...he wants us all to go to a strip club so i think that would be tons of fun....deciding what to pack and to bring, some dresses and nicer clothes just in case we go out..

so we will be leaving friday night and should be there like saturday night excited because i have never been to many state and i will have to keep track and keep my eyes open ...i enjoy seeing scenery...

KingRed1581 36M

8/12/2005 10:47 am

burning itchy ??? herpes ?

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