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10/11/2005 6:44 pm

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I wish I had some sex to talk about, something to share with all my friends...

I'll tell you about Bridget, a girl I knew when I lived in Germany. It's not exactly accurate to say I knew her. I would see her at this sleazy bar we used to go to-it was called the High Life but everybody called it the Low Life. Anyway, I think Bridget may have been a dancer or even a pro but either way she was very good looking; natural blond, dark skin, blue eyes... We didn't talk much because I didn't speak German and she didn't speak English but we would buy each other drinks and stare at each other across the room.
All the guys wanted to dance with her and she would rebuff their advances. Occasionally she would put on a little show, swaying and dancing by herself. She would stand up on the bar, pull up that white skirt she always wore and show everybody that great butt she had. Then she would squat down with her knees far apart, the little white patch of g-sting just barely covering the surprise beneath.
Then when the song was over and all the guy were about to dehydrate from drooling, she would jump down off the bar, come straight over to me, take me by the hand and lead me to the dance floor...
That's all there ever was! I never made a move on her. I still fantasies about what might have been if I had just said let's go. But then, maybe the fantasy is better than the reality?

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