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11/14/2005 5:31 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

she laughs

hey,i thought that was you out here!how are you?i'm doing great and you?yeah!i'm fine.kinda crazy tonight,though!why is that? lots of people but not tipping.thats okey,it'll be just fine, tomorrow is another day,it will be what are you doing here?i was out at the west end of the beach,just got off work,thought i would see a friend.thats so fuck'in cool,man!i like to see people that i know.thanks for comming!not a problem,always good to see your smile..thank youagain!you,i love those shoes where did you get them? HOT TOPICS in the mall.i went there awhile back to buy myself those same ones,but they never had my size.really!well,what size do you wear? size 7.why?'cause i know people!

i have something for you but you "CAN NOT" open it until i leave,promise!! you are so sweet and yes i promise.we should hang out more,you know! yeah! i would enjoy that.thats a great idea. well,what are you doing for the rest of your life? you are so funny!i have dreams.what are they?come on just tell me one dream and i promise to leave that one alone.well! until tomorrow,that is.i wan't to open up a record know, old school,vinyl.the hippy thing,huh?yeah,but with a shit?whats the TWIST?well! you come in to buy and leave with a mean like on cloud nine?no.just some really good bud.uh!thats fuck'in funny. i think i'll join that will be a club,right?V.I.P. for those all nighters.hey! i have an idea. you can hve it in DENVER,CO. smoke out big and it's legal.well up to 2 ounces anyway.good enough for me.i have a bowl,right thats your dream,huh? no! i said ,i have dreamS..aaahh!plural.gotcha!!see you weren't listnening,now were you.yes!and no.what do you mean.well!i heard you say dream,but i got lost in your eyes..

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