lickablestar 41F
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8/21/2006 5:08 am

In the time I have had my account here, it has been the same over and over.
I update my profile, so ppl can't get a better grasp on what I am on here for.
Still do you think anyone reads profiles? I think not!! Just because you come across me and see my pretty babies, doesn't mean you don't hafta read the profile attached.
No I don't intend to bash--but, come on it is getting old!
I don't want a message from a guy with a pic of his pecker trying to get me all hot and bothered. A pic like that and promises of a good time -doesn't do it for me.
I have what I need in a man--takes care of me very well--ty.
If some would take 5 mins to read a profile, they would find out so much more.
Why waste you time on a message -when you will be shot down??
I understand that there are some desperate ppl, but, look over a profile, to see if you can locate someone with similar interest. Just don't e-mail cuze you see a pic. I have no time for myself-and when I do get time to check my mail it is the same old crap over and over.
I AM NOT INTERESTED IN MEN OR COUPLES!!! It clearly states that on my profile.
One of two things-either some don't read them and go head on, or they do and think they can change a mind or something.
My mind will not change-I know what I like-as I started this--one thing comes to mind--some need to get a CLUE!!!

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