Happy New Year (resolutions)  

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1/1/2006 10:03 am

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Happy New Year (resolutions)

I dont know about you but I had a crappy new years; couldnt hook up with anyone to party with. So I have been musing about what my resolutions should be.
First I want to redo my profile; it obviously isnt working since I am not getting any dick.
Maybe I should lie about my age or post a pic of someone elses big hard dick. Hummm That might work.
Then I wnat to get ready for the hurricane season; Just in case FEMA gives $2000 to everyone who evacuated, I wnat to get my share.
Next I want to look for a way to get on welfare, I am paying taxes, might as well try to get some back.
Oh yeah, I want to find asex partner with a big dick that likes to fuck all afternoon. Night have to go with a black guy on that one.
I wonder if I should change my membership to outpersonals and stop limiting myself to Bi married guys. Might get more action. In 2005 I had sex twice so that record shouldnt be hard to beat. (got to find out what I am doing wrong).

Then I am going to get some cialis and stop telling guys that my dick doesnt get real hard, Think that would help?

Maybe I should apply for a job with FWMA, get to travel meet more people.

Anyway I am sure 2006 will be much better than 2005 and I hope it is for you also.

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