Bush Haters (Some Shit I Wrote One Day)  

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11/10/2005 3:59 pm

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Bush Haters (Some Shit I Wrote One Day)

Bush Haters...

So I logged into MySpace to see if I got any new
messages, and to also see what new mind-blowing,
asinine bulletin garbage some lifeless child has
sent; yes, I read them every once in a while,
they're usually good for a laugh or two. Normally,
the bulletins I receive are about various tripe
subjects that I don't care to remember, as well as
retarded chain-mail which, like clockwork,
prophesizes impending doom if the receiver does
not repost...whatever. Today however, I stumbled
upon a piece of electronic-waste that actually
raised my interest.

"The Reason I'm Single" was the subject, and
within the message where over two hundred
MySpacers which listed the various reasons
justifying why they are social failures. As I read
through what seemed like a repeat of the same
nonsense, I noticed a strange occurrence; people
often list one of the reasons they are single is
because they are a "Bush supporter", and then go
on to be apologetic about it.

I have two questions for you:
1. Why would your political affiliation have
anything to do with getting laid?
2. Why are the people you meet so fucking shallow?

It seems to me that Bush-hating, or as I call it,
“Bushophobia”, is mostly a band-wagon thing. In
fact, I’m willing to bet my left nut that only
20% of Bushophobes actually hate Bush, and the
rest really don’t give a rats ass, or more
indifferently, any ass at all.

Ask yourself these questions:
Do you honestly think Bush is making life so hard
for you specifically? Would it make any sense for
a rich man, like himself, to affect in a negative
way, the country which his money is dependent on?
Don’t be so stupid. Bush is a rich business man,
and thank God he is. This is a capitalist country
run by big business, and who better to chair the
highest office in the land than a business man who
is connected to the biggest business in the

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