Sex, Love, & Junk Food.  

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11/16/2005 5:34 pm

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Sex, Love, & Junk Food.

Today I realized that it has been a while since I added anything here, so here is an apdate.

Lately I have been very busy with my business and with school, but not so busy I havent had time to play. I always make time to play.

Some years ago I came up with a party game that is really a kick! It requires lots of naked couples, and one person is blindfold. I call this game "Blinders bluff". Her is how it works.

One person is chosen to be blindfolded. The blinded person is placed on top of a kitchen counter. If the receiver is female her legs are to be spread wide apart and back as far as she can place them comfortably (remember she is supposed to enjoy this). Then, everyone else will join in a line and each person is to place their hands behind their back and are not allowed to touch the person who is blindfolded. Then, one by one everyone is given one minute to eat the receivers pussy or suck the receivers dick. Then, after one minute the next person in line takes over for the next minute. This process is repeated until all people in the room have had their turn. Then, it is the blindfolded persons job to guess which person was his or her partner. If he or she guesses wrong he or she will have to eat or blow everyone in the room until they cum. If he or she is right everyone in the room will eat or blow him or her until he or she cums.

As you can tell this is probably a game that has been around a long time, or so you would think. Its a fun game. Of course it can be altered for a group of non-partner players. In this case one must attempt to either decide if the person giving them head is male or female, or guess the approximate age of the person giving them head, or whatever you wish to put in place. Its a fun game.

One game I took place in one night required a blindfold and 5 pieces of very large cardboard. In each piece of carboard was cut a hole. Through that hole a dick was inserted. I was blindfolded and then allowed to play with each dick, suck on it, fuck it, or do anything to try to identify it. I then had to pick one dick as the one I could identify.

Then, after I had two minutes with each dick all the guys stepped back and all the guys got in line. I took off the blindfold and had to identify which dick I chose as the one I could identify. If I won every guy in the room had to do whatever I wanted to me. If I lost I had to submit to any wish all the men in the room had. There were 6 men all together and 4 women. I lost.

The same game can be played with women. Just put the pussy against the cardboard with a larger hole cut into it. Same rules apply.

This is a really fun game. I have played it numerous times and now hope you will try it too.

FriendlybutKinky 49M

12/17/2005 11:33 pm

Oh my, would I ever love to be invited to one of your parties!

Fun blog.

Take Care,

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