How I spent my summer.  

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10/14/2005 10:40 am

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How I spent my summer.

This summer I met many women from online and slept with quite a few. Physically it was a fun and exciting summer. Women from ages 18-53 came to meet me. Some married, some single. Some in search of love, most in search of a quick lay. Many came back a few times, a few never returned, a few want to come back again.

In total I slept with 23 women from late April to late August of this year. Since I lost my virginity at 12 I have been unbelievably active. To date, I have slept with about 185 people, mostly women (about 8 have been men). I can’t say this is much to be proud of but it is who I am and what I have done.

I have slept with friends, strangers, relatives, close family members, co-workers, employers, employees, and teachers. Looking back I actually relish my past. I enjoyed it immensely and I have no regrets.
Most of the women I have slept with identify as lesbians. Good portions of these women were bisexual, even though I think all humans are bisexual, and a bunch identify as straight. Many were married or engaged, some partnered up, a lot were single, a few widowed, and most were divorced.

I have slept with mothers and daughters, twice with both simultaneously, three times with sisters, once were simultaneously, and a few times with aunts and their nieces. Once with twins although not simultaneously.

I remember many years ago a friend of mine who had only slept with one woman in his whole life (and he married her) told me how much he admired me for being so active with so many women. Oh, if he only knew how much I admired him for being the opposite.

It’s been a fun life. However, since I turned 40 I have been looking for something a little more. Although I still want to be active as I have been I wish to be active with a woman I am also in love with. It would be nice to be partners with a woman who wants the same but probably unrealistic for me to think it could happen.

I still enjoy and seek one-night stands. I love the physical contact, the animal pleasure, and the physicality of being conquered by a woman. Of love being taken, being used, and being dominated. I also love dominating, taking, and using. It may not be pretty but it is the truth.

I am getting older, getting more set in my ways, and though I have been in love before, I have more often been in lust. It would be nice to once again find the love, admiration, and respect in woman I have so long yearned for. Moreover, it is a dream a dream each night as I go to sleep and may be a dream I dream forever.

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