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A current project.

I have, for three years now, been working on the writing of a book. This book is a histoical biography about two people and their impact on the American Civil War: Joshua Chamberlain and Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Though the book has three completed drafts, and it looks pretty darn good, I am still honing, crafting, editing, adding, and actively writing the book.

It has been seen by two publishers and I have noted their comments, suggestions and criticisms. I have been working through these points and feel that the book is much better for their advice.

Harriet Beecher Stowe was an incredible woman, who led an incredible life, made a major contribution to freedom, and greater contributions to the literary world. In writing Uncle Tom's Cabin she directly appealed to women to rise up from their complacent-domestic lives and right the injustices that were occurring in the 19th century. What she did was magical and had a great effect upon the world. I just hope that my book give her contributions and her life proper justice.

As for Joshua Chamberlain, he has been well written of, thus far, and I am not so sure that the world needs another book about him. However, I am combining the two lives and stories into this one to show their connections, their impacts, and their significance.

Harriet was instrumental in the causes of the civil war, and joshua in the fighting and the end of the war. Both knew eachother, both lived in Brunswick, Maine, and both were more important to the civil war than some may understand.

It is my hope that this book will be a page turner; a book that readers do not want to put down; a book that students will draw information from for generations to come. I really do not care that it is a best seller or that it makes a ton of money. My interests are in history, teaching history, and doing more to expose the ironies, the truths, and the facts, of one of the greatest events in American history and two of the people who were instrumental in that event.

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