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lewis314 53M
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5/13/2005 11:59 am

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6/27/2007 9:39 pm

figure out

Ok women here we go. Alot of the females on passion i wonder do you really know what you want. I see alot of this and that but when its respond to an add nothing comes back. If someone takes the time to send you a note. At least take the time to respond back and say thanks but no thanks. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM.

rm_micheleh22 66F
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5/31/2005 9:54 pm


I agree with your comments as to people not responding and having decent manners. I do try to respond to all emails that I get even those that I am not interested in meeting. It is just common courtesy, and it seems like more and more people have forgotten what that is. No one seems to live by the Golden Rule anymore. Instead, they say, "Do unto them before they can do it to me." I'm very glad that you did contact me, and I think we'll have a good time. Those who do not reply to you do not have a clue what they will be missing. I think you are pretty special.

dhampirUNTAMED 59F

6/22/2005 5:33 pm

Hey Lewis, I'd say the reason they don't answer is because they are not sure what to say. Lots of us women are not used to having a man do nice things for me. I am scared of really saying everything I think because lots of time ppl take me wrong. Too strong willed, disobedient and sassy. All good traits to a man that appreciates willful women. I look forward to more emails and hope to get to know you well.... until then i remain, dhampir

rm_DejaBlueEyes 51F

6/29/2005 3:28 pm

I get over 250 emails in less than 2 days. It is very overwhelming. It is very hard to answer each and every one of them and I have a lot of winks on top of that. I consider myself of average looks. I hate to hurt anyone's feelings by saying I'm not interested or them having to wait until I can get to their emails but, I try my best. I have never met a man from AdultFriendFinder but, met 1 woman 2 years ago. Most people here just like to see the responses they will get and have no intentions of meeting.

BadAssBlonde1 57F
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3/26/2007 10:15 am


The amount of mail alone I receive would take someone over eight hours a day to sort through and respond. My automatic response tells everyone what they need to know.

Good to see you my friend. You know what's better than email? Lunch ... I'll email you. Until then darling ...Oh, I forgot to say, Welcome to BlogVille I hope your stay will be one of pleasure. Afterall, that's what important; right?

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