my dogs...  

levijason 62M
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5/6/2006 12:37 pm

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my dogs...

I have been around dogs all my life.Lots of animals,but nothing compares to the love and companionship I shared with my 2 dogs.My first ,Jason,I took from a family who was abusing him(he was a puppy).They were from another country.He was kept in a tool shed,taunted by their children,and fed table scraps od God knows what.
He lived in a house that backed up to my sister`s,and one day I hear him crying,and asked what was going on.I hate cruelty in all its forms.I looked out and when I saw him being chased with his tail between his legs,I sprung into action.I went over,walked into their yard,told then they had no business having a dog,and I was taking him.They just stood there.All 15 or so of them.
He was about 9weeks old.He was weak,but we bonded so fast.He slept in my arms all the way to my house.He had never eaten dog food,ever.It took him a few days to flush out the bad,then he was ready to go!
He was amazing,and had the most beautiful eyes.He grew to 140 lbs.Great swimmer,and very protective.He was with me almost all the time.I had him 13 years.He dies of cancer,in my arms.In my house.I think about him every day.He died in 1987.It took me over a year to clean his nose smugges of my windshield.
Unconditional love.All dogs want is to love you,protect you,and be a part of you.I know that he is waiting for me on the other side.He and so many other wonderful pets I have had.I swear,I can feel him next to me sometimes.
My second dog was Levi.A white German Shepherd.He was also a wonderful,beautiful animal and friend.He would always come into the bathroom when I was taking a bath,shower,and steal my clothes,towels..He was a chick magnate,and was an alpha.King of the dog park.
At 2,he was stricken with an ailment that lasted almost 5 years.Until I had to put him down at 7.6 surgeries,a few thousand bucks.Special diet,3 baths a day.He never stopped smiling,playing frizbee,enjoying his life.And he was in pain every minute.We drove cross country in 1996.He died in 1998.
I miss them both,and not sure if I will ever have another best friend.I want to ,but the cost,and not being settled makes it impossible for now.Every time I see someone walking their dog,I smile.God,I miss those walks,especially at night,no matter what the weather.I thank God for Dogs,of any size or breed.They make my life better,and my heart...I lost more than my best friends when they passed.I also lost something that stays with me every day.The lack of value and importance.I relied on them as much if not more than they relied on me.I need love,and to feel like I mean something.When they looked at me they smiled.When they knew I was angry about something,they left the room,lol.And when I was sick or injured,they pampered me.Just as I did to them.If I am fortunate enough to find a woman that shares the same passions,and loves what I might even want to adopt 2 dogs!!

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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5/6/2006 1:33 pm

~ nodz ~ I hear ya. You had a wonderful relationship with your pets. And yes, it's unconditional love.

and good that even now you're also thinking of THEIR best interest....

levijason replies on 5/7/2006 10:35 am:
hi,thanks for your response.A day doesn`t pass without the thought of going to a rescue league and adopting.I ache for that relationship thats been missing for so long.Too many people get pets and don`t think of the responsibility,both personally and financially.Then they suffer.I see it every day,and it gets me so upset.I would be selfish,and foolish to run out and get a dog now,but I hope sometime when the time is right,I your profile,and photo,Kirk

BBWslut4u2fuk 47F
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6/7/2006 7:23 pm

This shows what a good man you are - devishilly sexy too of course!


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