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I have had quite a few wonderful experiences as an owner of a window washing business.My first experience was one of the best,but man,I was soooo nervous!
I was doing an antiques shop in Georgetown(D.C.),and at that time,I was doing quite a bit of work in the area.Lets just say I was known around town.Anyway,I was in the front display window,and the woman who owned the place was talking to another woman who kept smiling at me.I smiled back..She was hot.Dark long hair,and tight jeans.Great body.She asked me what time it was,and I don`t wear a watch.I knew she just wanted to make small talk.I was working,and I wanted to get finished asap.As she left,she turned and smiled.She knew I was watching her.God,she was something.
As I was heading out,check in hand,she called the shop and wanted me to come give her an estimate to do the windows at the place she owned a few blocks away.So off I went,and my heart was racing.Turned out she owned a brass bed store on the 2nd floor,overlooking Wisconsin Ave.I rang the bell,and she invited me up.My oh my,fuck..I was sweating.Not sure what to expect.
The beds were all that there were on the floor,except a desk and chairs.She wasn`t visible when I entered.I stood there for about 3 minutes,and my heart was racing.Then she appeared,and oh my God!She was wearing a blue silk shirt that barely covered her ass.No bra,and her breasts were jiggling with each step.I didn`t know what to she got closer,she said"I`m very attracted to you,obviously,are you married".."No,I am a free man".She placed her hands on my chest and kissed me,and I could feel her breasts rubbing against me.I was so hard and she felt my cock pressing into her.I began to unbutton her shirt,as she undid my belt.Her nipples were beautiful.Dark pink,and the areolas were so big.She wasn`t wearing panties....and had a full bush of black pubic hair.We were nude and on one of the brass beds,and we fucked for about an hour.She looked awsome,and when she was on top of me,she spun around and grabbed the brass frame and fucked me facing away from me.I held her as cheeks on lifter her up and down,her breasts bouncing.I was ready to explode!I rose to my knees,and fucked her doggie style while she gripped the bed frame.The entire time we were fucking,I was nervous.Here I was,in a brass bed shop,overlooking downtown D.C.,and there was an office building across the street and I could see people sitting at their desks.I know there had to be someone or who knows how many,watching us.
There are details to this encounter that are still very vivid.The way she smelled.The way she moved.Seeing her walk into the room in that blue shirt.When she got up off the bed and walked and talked to me,she looked amazing.I watched her get dressed as I got up and did the same.We kissed,and I never did give her that estimate.We exchanged phone numbers,but never did see one another again.I was so young then.So much to learn,but I made up for that in other ways.

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MMMMMMMM so hot - oh god yes - i would have done exactly the same - but perhaps put your naked ass agains the window and knelt between your thighs and let everyone watch and enjoy too!


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